Save the date: The second annual Hoops for Hope event will take place on February 12th at 3:30 p.m. at Garden City High School. Above, a group of supporters from last year’s event. It’s time to start the countdown to Hoops For Hope! The Garden City High and Middle School Challenger Basketball team will take on Oceanside in the GCHS […]

Library Board chooses firm for security guards

At a special meeting held Monday night, January 27, the Garden City Library Board of Trustees met during a brief session and voted, 4-0 with Trustee Charles Murphy absent, to entertain a competitive bid for its security guard service — a heated subject during the spring 2019 budget formulation for 2019-2020 — from firm Securitas for 40 hours every week. […]

Residents seek stop signs on Pell Terr.

Two Garden City residents — Mary Cetta and Lauren Brossard, neighbors and both teachers in the Port Washington School District spoke at a recent Eastern Property Owners Association meeting about the need for additional safety measures such as stop signs at the t-intersection of Pell Terrace and Iris Lane. They made their presentation at the EPOA’s meeting on Tuesday, January […]


What price is fabulous worth?

This week’s mailbag contained quite a few interesting letters. In one, George Salem, a retired financial expert, refutes a letter by Village Trustee Brian Daughney regarding the financial impacts of debt and bond ratings, especially regarding the possible future cost of the St. Paul’s project. As the total cost of the project is still unknown (numbers as high as $100 […]

Support the dog park

To the Editor: Our family has lived in Garden City for many years. We have seen Garden City grow and prosper and definitely think a dog run would add to our property value. The closest dog run is at Eisenhower Park in East Meadow but for busy people one here in the village would allow our residents to better enjoy […]

‘Don’t borrow to pay for your lunch’

To the Editor: I am part of the “vocal minority” cited by Mr. Daughney in his letter to the GCN, Jan. 24th edition. For the record, even though he did not mention my name, he was clearly responding to my letter, published January 2nd. After all, who else could he be referring to? Apparently Mr. Daughney did not read my […]

Disturbed by Traffic Comm behavior

To the Editor: I write to you as a disheartened and disturbed parent of a St. Joseph’s student, but more so as a taxpaying resident of the Village of Garden City. I am utterly disgusted by the behavior of the Garden City Traffic Commission and their response to the school’s request for a crosswalk. I would like to begin with […]

It’s time to go green

To the Editor: I read with dismay in the January 22, 2020 edition of Newsday that we, the Village of Garden City are rated at the bottom (apparently last) in being a solar friendly Long Island municipality. This was based on the cost of permitting and the time it takes to get a permit. This didn’t even take into account […]

Use Covert Avenue as detour

To the Editor: The upcoming full closure of New Hyde Park Road referenced in your article New Hyde Park Road to be closed for 7 months, is likely to cause a great deal of unwanted traffic on residential streets in both Garden City and New Hyde Park. New Hyde Park residents certainly encountered unprecedented volumes of traffic on normally quiet […]

Arts & STEAM education ‘energized’ by Adelphi’s lead

At the dawn of the 2020, local schools’ Art Education programs see increased opportunities to be ‘engineered’ in line with next-generation Science Standards. For Garden City’s Public Schools, STEAM concepts for young learners have been boosted by an alumna of a leading Long Island institution of higher education, neighbor to the school district and area families: Adelphi University, equipped with […]