Environmental Bd. member resigns over water contaminant

Nicholas Rigano, a member of Garden City’s Environmental Advisory Board, resigned on October 22nd in protest of the Village’s response to contamination of its water wells by the contaminant 1, 4 dioxane. According to a posting on Facebook, Rigano said that all of the Village’s wells are contaminated with the substance at rates between two and fourteen times the level […]

Board hires consultant to evaluate new St. Paul’s sports proposals

At its October 18 meeting, the Village Board of Trustees decided to make an off-the agenda hire, approving a two-phase contract with the Sports Facilities Advisory Company (SFA) for market analysis, financial analysis related to potential uses of St. Paul’s and research on the most desirable recreational programs the re-imagined facility could host. One year after the village engaged three […]


What's in the water?

We were sorry to hear that Nick Rigano resigned from the Environmental Advisory Board this week, but we understand his reasons. The state and the federal government don’t yet agree on what level of 1, 4 dioxane contamination is safe, so the village’s water is still considered safe by New York State. However, the EPA believes that the contaminant may […]

St. Paul’s is deteriorating

To Mayor Daughney, Deputy Mayor Trouve, Trustees Bolebruch, Makrinos, Delaney, Minuto, Hyer, and Foley: We are into the third decade of discussing the future -fate? – of the landmarked St. Paul’s in the heart of our Village. Indeed, generations of residents – and – trustees have pondered the issue since 1993. With that background,Trustee Trouvé raised an important and alarming […]

Excessive speed in Garden City

To the Editor: Next month it will be two years since I no longer drive. I walk a lot, especially into town for grocery shopping, post office, etc. It is more and more dangerous to cross the streets – especially 11th Street which is at the corner of the new Senior Center. It is estimated the cars travel at about […]

Standing up to the NRA

To the Editor: Congresswoman Kathleen Rice is running a powerful television ad outlining her strong stance against the NRA, stating, with clever word-play, “I don’t give an F, about the NRA”. We’re lucky to have a bold politician, willing to stand up to special interests, fighting for what voters want, instead of what the NRA wants. All polls confirm that […]

Update the Postal Service

To the Editor: The United States Post Office proposal to raise the price of a first class stamp going up by five cents from 50 cents to 55 cents effective January 27, 2019 is no surprise. Part of the problem is that Congress in 2006 mandated that the Post Office fully fund 75 years of retirement benefits for employees. This […]

Sears to close; future of site discussed by Village

As the Sears corporation has announced that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and will close its store on Franklin Avenue, the Village of Garden City is looking at future uses of the property. Leading several New York-area television news broadcasts last Monday evening, October 15, was the announcement from Sears of its Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization filing and […]

Thanksgiving donations needed

The Alford Family of Garden City is organizing the delivery of Thanksgiving meals to homebound senior citizens. The family is seeking donations of desserts, individual non-carbonated beverages, small breads or rolls, turkeys and cash in order to complete the meals. Delivery will begin at noon on Thanksgiving day and drivers are needed. Deliveries are made to 35-40 towns in Nassau […]