Winterfest At Garden City Bird Sanctuary

The holiday season is over, the days are short, and the snow has come for more than one visit. The Garden City Bird Sanctuary held its Winterfest ceremony at the community’s environmental center with about two dozen hearty participants. Each year, during the Winterfest the GCBS presents an award to a volunteer who has contributed significant service. Laura Napoli DiLallo […]

Trustees Focus On Fire, Recreation, Library Budgets

The Garden City Board of Trustees turned its attention to the operating budgets of the Garden City Fire Department, Department of Recreation and Parks and Garden City Public Library at a work session held on February 14th. However, it proved a challenge for those from the public who attended to follow and comprehend the budget discussions that took place between […]

Village Examines Generator Noise Regulations

The Garden City Board of Trustees focused on several of the issues surrounding permanent generators after a resident asked that trustees reconsider a change in the Village’s decibel level requirement at the Board’s February 19th meeting. Garden City resident Amanda Mancuso explained that her family is interested in installing a permanent generator on their property to be used during storms […]

A Word From The Publisher

In this week’s issue we feature a letter by Francine Ryan which continues the discussion of whether the Village should look into having the Fire Department take over EMS services. We hope the Board of Trustees at least takes a look at the finances of this proposal, because it could both improve ambulance service in the Village and provide enough […]

Fire Department Can Generate Revenue

To the Editor: Thank you to the Garden City News for advocating exploring the use of the Garden City Fire Department to provide EMS and ambulance services to the residents of Garden City, instead of the current arrangement with the NCPD. Since the reason the trustees have given for wanting to lay off our professional firefighters is a savings of […]

Just Keep Spending

To The Editor: Our children are very fortunate in being instructed by a dedicated group of educators under the direction of the brilliant Mr. Feirsen. I presume that our citizens appreciate the glory of our teachers. I certainly am aware and speechless concerning the job that’s being done by the tenured teachers, the untenured teachers, the administrators, assistants and various […]

Where’s The Oversight?

To the Editor: Oversight can mean to watch over, or a failure to watch over. Which are we doing these days in Garden City? We are well past the latest election now, having repulsed the latest pretenders, who merely felt that they could out perform the incumbents. Unlike the last bunch, they did not bring a specific agenda, with targeted […]

A Spectacular Show

To the Editor: We want to express our pure joy in seeing Thursday evening’s performance by the 5th grade of Stratford School. The show was nothing short of spectacular! As long time residents of Garden City, we got to see our granddaughter Lauren Nolan, participate in a very special production of “The Little Mermaid”. A huge thank you to all […]

The Meaning Of Freedom

To The Editor: The best working years of my life were spent at the NYSE during the tenure of Chairman John Phelan, Golden years for the Exchange due entirely to the leadership of John. When he retired for health reasons the exchange began to deteriorate. Recently John died. I and many others miss him terribly. A hell of a man, […]

GCHS Presents “The Pajama Game”