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Notes on a British trip

As I begin this column, I am on the way home from a one week trip to Britain, visiting the Royal Ascot races for three days before spending some time in London. Let me start out on a meteorological note. This trip, at least until the last day, defied all stereotypes about British weather. It was dry every day, with […]

Trump vs. Biden in ’24: No sure thing

Right after President Biden was inaugurated, I wondered in a column whether the country was facing a four year political battle between supporters of Mr. Biden and his ousted predecessor, Donald J. Trump. Only one defeated President, Grover Cleveland, managed to win back his office, but it seemed pretty clear that Mr Trump and his supporters were gearing up for […]

Queen Elizabeth and the Platinum Jubilee

Having discussed about the appalling massacre in Texas last week, let’s switch to a more appealing topic – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II as she celebrates her Platinum Jubilee commemorating 70 years as the country’s sovereign. I recognize that the Queen is not everyone’s hero, and let me start out as a counterpoint with some wisdom from my late mother. Both […]

Uvalde & The Political Scene

Unfortunately, I feel compelled to start the column this week with a few words about the tragic massacre of 22 people in Uvalde, Texas last week. I have written about prior mass killings and, sadly, I’m not sure I have very much new to say. The slaughter of innocent people, particularly children, is horrific and a blot on our society. […]

Fixing Inflation: The Monetarist Approach

It isn’t exactly a surprise that Americans regard inflation as the most important problem. For example, according to a Pew Research poll conducted in May, 70 percent of adults regard inflation as a very big problem, the highest issue on the list.  (Next came crime at 55 percent.)  At present, prices are 8.3 percent higher than last year, with major […]

Covid: The Long Goodbye

26 months ago, when I first wrote about Covid-19 in this column, I would never have suspected that I would still be writing about the virus in 2022, except maybe in recounting past events. Unfortunately, however, I was wrong. I’ll start with a personal story. Last week, I attended an event in Manhattan for about 60 people. The event was […]

Post-Roe Politics

I try to avoid writing  about divisive social issues, but it is difficult to get around commenting about the likely end (or at least substantial cutback) of the Supreme Court’s 1973 ruling in Roe v. Wade in which the Court declared that a right to abortion was constitutionally mandated.  The principal argument for this conclusion in Roe was that prohibiting […]

The View From Here

Some Free Speech Issues As this is written, the draft Supreme Court opinion in the Dobbs abortion case has just been leaked, an opinion which (unless revised) would overrule the Roe v Wade decision. Pretty much by choice, I have rarely written about abortion in the 27 years of this column. Nevertheless, the politics of this potential decision are obviously […]

A GOP revival in New York?

Are things finally looking up for Republicans in New York State? The Empire State as a whole is definitely not Republican country. As of last November there were 6.1 million registered Democratic voters in the state, compared with 2.8 million Republicans, mostly concentrated upstate. Not surprisingly given the dismal registration numbers, Republicans have not fared well in recent elections.  The […]

A Test for Donald Trump

In the next few weeks, primaries all around the country will test the role of former President Donald J. Trump as the putative leader of the Republican Party and frontrunner for the 2024 GOP Presidential nomination. There is a presumption in some quarters that we are likely to have a rematch in 2024 between Mr. Trump and President Joe Biden.   […]

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