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The crisp air around us is a sure sign of Autumn

With the transition from summer to fall, it’s suddenly time to pull out the long-sleeved shirts and sweaters to wear on the cool days that have snuck up on us. Each year I think I will become a summer-loving gal but as each autumn arrives, I am reminded once again why fall is the very best season. Here are some […]

Oh, the wonders of large families

I’ve spent many hours over the years debating the benefits of being from a big family or being an only child. This subject came up because one of my cousins, Elaina, is an only child. She said she was always jealous because I have five brothers and sisters to talk to and watch movies with as well as my mother […]

The solution to the NY Mets problem

I’ve been a baseball fan all my life…or at least as long as I can remember. I’ve been a New York Mets fan since Day 1. And, it’s a team that has had its ups and downs. But what happened these past two years was not only ridiculous but also embarrassing. And, we have both owner Steve Cohen and general […]

A high school reunion not to be surpassed

It’s an exciting time since my high school class is once again having a reunion. As much as I dislike admitting it, 50 years have passed since that momentous day when we received our high school diplomas and headed out into the great, big world to seek new adventures.  It’s been 50 years since we put on our finest outfits […]

A Broadway Musical Play Revisited

I was always in love with the music of the 1950s and 1960s. And suddenly, it came to me five years ago while watching an advertisement on the great love songs of the past. I thought: How about a musical play on the great music of the 1950s and 1960s era? After some thought, I decided to put together an […]

The talents of a cook, a singer and a florist

My friend, Samantha, always dreamed of opening a restaurant featuring breakfast and brunch so six months ago she did just that. She and her contractors spent time renovating an old building and setting up the interior with a bar, tables and seating for 45 people, and a huge kitchen. “Sammie’s Place” has been a hit from the first day. Using […]

Changing Careers and Loving It

Changing careers in midlife or at any time can be daunting but it can be fun, too. There are new opportunities and new challenges. I was speaking with three friends recently about this subject and I was very interested to hear what they were doing.  My friend, Jenna, set up her own pottery shop two years ago. She and her […]

It’s cleaning and decluttering time

I’ve worked with several different supervisors during my career and some were sticklers for being organized and others, not so much. One woman in my office in particular, named Lauren, stands out in my mind as being a stickler.  One of my jobs was stocking the supply closet and keeping track of the ink, toner, mouse pads, reams of paper, […]

Random Thoughts on Baseball

Here we go again with another “random” article. This one is strictly devoted to baseball thoughts. I hope you find the following twenty-five comments interesting. 1. DeGrom may have been the greatest pitcher of all time the two previous years. He hardly ever had a start where he was working with a comfortable lead. 2. I predicted DeGrom would flop […]

The very idea of a tiny house – amazing!

Whenever I scan the Internet for new stories and adventures, or simply to pass the time, I inevitably come across pictures and stories about tiny houses. These “tiny homes” are frequently 100 square feet but I’ve seen them as large as 500 square feet.  I once had an apartment that was roughly 500 square feet and that was small but […]

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