Vote Row A

To the Editor:

Vinny Muldoon: When you ask yourself the questions: “Why can’t Garden City be cleaner?”, “Why can’t GC be better landscaped?”, “Why can’t we reduce the speeding and, in some cases, snarled traffic-jams at certain intersections?”, “Who would want a gambling casino in the next town?”, “Why can’t we do something constructive with St. Paul’s after all these years?”, “Why can’t residents be more respected when addressing the BOT at the podium?”, “Why can’t their be more transparency in the Board’s decision making processes?”….and the list goes on. Well, now you will have the right answers if you vote Vinny Muldoon into office.

Jessica Tai: Here is a question that many of the younger parents in town may ask at times. “What is the Village Board doing to make Garden City a more enriching place for our children?” Jessica Tai, a young well-educated resident, with a wonderful family, wants to provide all of you with the right path forward. She will be the perfect addition to the board. Jessica is one who can represent the needs and wants of all the active, youthful families who just don’t always have time for Village politics and Village meetings. Hey, I get it…you have kids! But just because you can’t be as involved, she’ll be there representing those needs. She’ll bring a perspective that is not just focused on law and finance, as is typically the case on our Board. As a K-12 educator, Jessica would bring a fresh perspective to the BOT that would mesh well with fostering the educational needs and extra-curricular services that are best for the youth of GC. She knows what is best for her family and she’ll know what is best for yours.

Judy Courtney: OK, so you voted for Judy as Mayor of Garden City last spring and you are frustrated that she did not get elected, right? I hear you on that one!!!….I am frustrated too! Now is your chance to get out and vote to elect Judy Courtney as Village Trustee. She is a highly capable corporate HR executive with excellent visions for this Village. She is a lifelong resident who has been active in all facets of GC life. She is also a lifetime member of AHRC / NYC, a 4-star charity (rated 98%) that is focused on people with developmental needs. Her perspective in this specialized field will be of great benefit to our residents, especially as it pertains to extra-curricular activities and services that the Village can and should provide. As many of you know, Judy is always at the podium at the BOT meetings speaking on all issues, large and small. It will be great to see her sitting on the board openly listening to others and voting on important matters.…….She may not be mayor, but her vote on the board will speak volumes! 

Bruce Torino has served as a Trustee in our Village for a total of SIX years. He is a “senior” member of the Board! He also has experience on nearly all the major Board committees. He knows, as an attorney should, all the laws of the Village and the Bylaws of the Board of Trustees. He brings with him a wealth of historical knowledge on all Village matters that can be used for wise decision making in our turbulent times here in the Village. With the many unprecedented issues facing our Village in the coming months, rest assured that Bruce always takes the right path forward, while weighing all the facts, acting in an open and transparent manner, and by unquestionably respecting the voices of all residents, especially during the Village Board meetings. I have always been impressed with his creative sense of humor, his endless energy, and tireless dedication to this great Village.

Vote “Row A” All the Way

Robert Vassalotti

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