Vote for change

To the Editor:

As an important Board of Education election is upon us, I would like to remind residents to:

  • Get out and vote! May 17th 6am-9pm at GCHS.
  • Do your due diligence! Learn about the candidates. Ask your neighbors and friends who have school aged children which Board of Ed Trustee candidates they are voting for and why.
  • Vote in-person! Keep election integrity alive by making every effort to vote in-person unless special circumstances exist which require absentee voting.
  • Think about which candidates have school-aged children and are most in tune with the needs of our children.
  • Consider which candidates will fight for our kids, actively engage with parents/taxpayers and solicit community input.

There are three candidates that can best serve our community:

William O’Donohue, retired NYPD Lieutenant, community volunteer and father of four.

Arthur Gnecco, NYC middle school principal/educator and father of three.

Joe Sileo, lifelong resident, GCHS grad, finance professional, and father of three.

Tell your neighbors, family, and friends to get to the polls and bring every eligible and registered member of their household to vote. Now is the time to take action and vote for change: Sileo, O’Donohue, Gnecco.

Catherine Cooke

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