Updates on building projects, traffic, trees

At the Village Board of Trustees’ meeting held on December 1, Garden City Superintendent of Building Giuseppe Giovanniello brought up several of the larger construction and development projects going on in the village. 

Giovanniello began with a note on the anticipated completion date of the apartment complex at 555 Stewart Avenue, Florent, which should be fully built by July 2023. “They are progressing well as far as finalizing that building. It’s been continuing over a few years and hopefully they are approaching the finish line,” he said.

Trustee Lawrence Marciano said the height of 555 Stewart Avenue appears to keep increasing every time he’s driven by it recently. He asked Giovanniello about its maximum height, and the superintendent explained it as 45 feet above ground level.

The superintendent also noted that the Garden City Public Library work should be complete in the spring, as the Children’s Room Renovation project continues in the front portion of the 7th Street building.

According to Giovanniello the contractors working on 1111 Franklin Avenue, the old Sears building, will be finishing construction in June 2023. 

For 901 Franklin Avenue a completion date was stated as March of 2023. 

Deputy Mayor Tom O’Brien asked about all of the road construction taking place on Stewart Avenue, east of Franklin Avenue towards Roosevelt Field. He said in late November digging was taking place by Franklin, and Village Administrator Ralph Suozzi said this was either public utilities’ crews or a Nassau County-assigned crew. He noted that a major regional power cable comes down from Westchester, through the Long Island Sound making its way to Nassau County in Port Washington, and passes through Roslyn and down into Garden City – specifically along Stewart Avenue to the power station by Clinton Road. Suozzi believed that cable upgrade project was the root of the road work O’Brien inquired about. 

On December 1 the village board of trustees approved a maintenance bond in the amount of $2,584,349 for the 2020-2021 Village Curb, Sidewalks and Road Improvement contract with Syosset-based Roadwork Ahead, Inc. Suozzi explained that the bond guarantees for 18 months the completed work, from the date of acceptance of the bond (December 1). During the board’s meeting Trustee Charles Kelly suggested that this seems to be a brief time frame, and he asked Administrator Suozzi if 18 months was standard. Suozzi said the standard maintenance bond time frame used to be one year, 12 months, and he’s not sure if the period could be extended. He told the board the likelihood for a contractor’s work to be observed as “failed” would come well before that 18 month period elapses.

Village Counsel Gary Fishberg reported to the Board of Trustees that the license agreement for 1200 Franklin Avenue has been finalized. The agreement was held up due to some insurance language which needed to be corrected to the village’s satisfaction. 

Village Trustee Charles Kelly, who chairs the Traffic Commission, explained that the crosswalk across Stewart Avenue between Franklin and Hilton, just in front of Village Hall, has been a safety concern. A few meetings ago an idea had been suggested to put flashing lights atop the neon signs or on posts at the sidewalks.

“We’ve had people crossing here more often than we used to as I did not see pedestrians as much there before. People may be coming from some store or walking their dog,” Kelly noted. He asked the administration and executive staff if progress is being made on crosswalk changes.

Village Administrator Ralph Suozzi said he will update the Board as input on the crosswalk enhancements comes up from village engineers.

On another project, Garden City Superintendent of Recreation and Parks Paul Blake explained to the board that the pool liner for pool No. 1 has been completely installed. This completion of the Recreation capital project comes ahead of winter.

“The job was done on-time and on-budget and the work was terrific, so we are all set to go for spring,” he said.

Blake also noted that the village’s Recreation and Parks Department tree planting manager was contacted by Northport Tree Corp. in late November to go “tag trees” to plant in the village. The Board of Trustees approved the vendor’s bid of $41,104 contract for fall 2022 tree planting in Garden City which will account for approximately 122 new trees. Blake said the goal was to try and bring in new trees by the end of this month’s planting season, but if that is too short of a window the process will shift to the beginning of March, “which will probably be better than trying to get them into the frozen ground.” 

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