Unity and Common Sense

To the Editor:

As we enter the last weekend of the campaign, I want to express my gratitude for the warm and enthusiastic response I have received across the Village. The response has been not only from old friends, made over the past 36 years as Mary and I raised our boys, but from the hundreds of people I have met who have inspired and encouraged me on my two month door to door listening tour. A tour which has taken me from Jefferson Street to Grove Street and from Old Country Road to Meadow Street.

I entered the race as an independent candidate for Trustee with the strong belief that as a trained lawyer and experienced consensus builder, I could bring a willingness for healthy debate and respectful discussion. I named my party, Unity and Common Sense, in the hopes that together, we can move beyond the discord that has sometimes bedeviled the Board of Trustees, frustrated our neighbors, and most importantly distracted us from what’s at stake.

And there is a lot at stake . . . the looming potential development of the Las Vegas Sands Casino, Governor Hochul’s efforts to exert control over our affairs, bringing a Village wide vote on St. Paul’s, ensuring we manage our traffic, and making sure our water is clean. These are the issues we all care about. If elected, I will draw upon my 20 years of involvement in the Village and work closely with my fellow Board members to find the solutions that work best for Garden City as we look with confidence to the future.

So on Tuesday, I ask for your vote . . . Finneran for Trustee: Unity and Common Sense, ROW A on the ballot.

Ed Finneran

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  1. Tom Hogan says:

    Great work, Ed. I look forward to voting for you.

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