TMA Father & Son Football Classic

We are presently accepting team captains for the Father and Son Football Classic to be held on Saturday, November 25 at St. Paul’s field from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. Each team will play 3 games.

Pee Wee Bracket – 2nd , 3rd , 4th & 5th Grades – These games will be kids vs kids with dads quarterbacking and coaching only. Each team needs 1 father captain and 1 son captain.

Middle School Grades 6th, 7 th & 8 th – These games will be combination father and son teams (6 on 6) competing against other combined father and son teams. Each team needs 1 father captain and 1 son captain.

High School and College Levels These games will be father teams against son teams (6 on 6) at each level. We are looking for fathers and sons, and daughters to be captains and organizers on the teams on their respective age bracket.

All that is required is to attend 2 meetings, assemble your team and help set up fields. In return we will gladly write a community service letter for inclusion in your college file.

If you are interested in being a captain and organizing a team for the tournament please call or email Dan Donnelly at 516-746-5166 or email at

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