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To the Editor:

Two years ago, I submitted my name to the Estates POA to be considered as a candidate for village trustee and was selected as their candidate to represent the Estates section.  A campaign then followed against a slate of candidates from the FABGC.

During the campaign, I met many village residents and learned so much about the issues facing the village such as St. Paul’s.  Although I was not elected, it was an amazing experience as I met many great POA volunteers throughout the village who are so dedicated to making our village the best it can be.

Each of the four Property Owners’ Associations have modified their bylaws with respect to nominating candidates from their section of the village.  It’s a simple and open primary process – just submit your name to and you will be on our primary ballot on January 17, 2023.

You can always run as an independent candidate by completing the applicable petition.  However, I encourage you to consider participating in the POA’s new open and transparent primary process.  The new due date to submit your name is next Wednesday, November 23, 2022.

If you would like additional information about our primary process, just email us at

Rich Catalano,
Vice President of the
Estates POA

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