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a black catSuspicious incident

On April 6th a man was seen checking a rear door to a Barnes Lane home. There was no reported entry. The man left the scene in a southbound direction.

Suspended license

A motorist on Cathedral Ave. on April 6th was charged with suspended license, suspended registration, and unregistered vehicle.

Gun fire at Roosevelt Field

On April 6th Garden City Police assisted Nassau County Police in a call for a shooting incident at the mall. No injuries reported. The subjects fled the scene. The investigation is ongoing.

Suspect arrested

A Garden City Officer assisted a NCPD Officer on Clinton Road with the arrest of a fleeing subject who had committed a grand larceny inside the Roosevelt Field Mall on April 6th.

Smoke condition

Garden City Police and Firefighters responded to a Brompton Road residence for a smoke condition on April 6th. Firefighters determined the cause was a malfunctioning oil burner and rendered the area safe by venting the home and turning off the burner.

Packages recovered

Three FedEx packages were found in Parking Field 9E on April 7th. Police determined the packages were reported stolen from Westbury and Hempstead locations. 

Excessive speed

Two motorists on Rockaway Avenue were charged with unlicensed operation and excessive speed in a school zone on April 7th.

Blown transformer

Officers responded to Oxford Boulevard on April 7th for a power outage and determined the cause was a blown transformer. PSEG responded to the scene, corrected the condition, and restored power.

Gas odor

Garden City Police and Firefighters responded to Harrison Street on April 7th for a possible natural gas leak. Firefighters’ meter readings were negative.

Loud muffler

On April 8th a motorist on Clinton Road was charged with driving with a suspended license and a defective/loud muffler.

Identity theft

A victim’s identity was reported stolen and used to open unauthorized bank and credit card accounts. A second report of identity theft was received on April 9th.

Car fire

Garden City Police and Firefighters and the NYU ambulance responded to a car fire on Cathedral Avenue on April 8th. Officers safeguarded the area while Firefighters extinguished the fire. Medics treated the operator for smoke inhalation and transported him to a local hospital.

Vehicle hits building

On April 9th the GCPD, GCFD, NYU, and NCPD Emergency Services responded to Garden City Plaza where a vehicle accidentally crashed into a building damaging a suite and hallway. The driver was transported to a local hospital for a leg injury. The vehicle was removed from the premise by NCPD Emergency Services. Village Building officials inspected the premises.  

Vehicle on train tracks

Garden City Police responded to the Franklin Avenue train crossing on April 9th where a vehicle turned onto the tracks and became wedged. The motorist stated she was following a traffic app. Officers safeguarded the area and notified the MTA to stop train movement. The vehicle was towed from the tracks and train service resumed. There were no reported injuries.

Activated alarms

On April 11th the GCFD and GCPD responded to two locations for fire alarms and determined kitchen smoke activated both alarms.

Suspended license

A motorist on Franklin Avenue was charged with suspended license, suspended registration, and tinted windows on April 9th.

Vehicle hits house

On April 10th Garden City Police  responded to Nassau Boulevard where a motorist apparently suffered a medical episode and struck a house. The motorist was taken to a local hospital. No other injuries were reported. GCFD and the Building Department assisted the Police Department in securing the scene.

Vehicle damages lawn

Officers investigated a report of a vehicle driving on and damaging a Euston Road lawn on April 10th. 

Entrance sign damaged

Officers investigated a report of a damaged entrance sign in a driveway of a Stewart Avenue business on April 11th.

Light pole damaged

Officers responded to Kilburn Road and investigated a report of a damaged Village light pole on April 11th.

GCPD assists in arrest

On April 11th, as a result of an incident originating in Roosevelt Field, Garden City Officers assisted Nassau County Police in the apprehension of a subject who allegedly intentionally crashed his vehicle into two NCPD vehicles injuring four officers. 

Domestic incident

Upon investigation of a domestic incident on April 12th, Officers arrested a 26-year-old male for allegedly attempting to stab another family member with a knife. The subject was charged with attempted assault, menacing, and possession of a weapon. 


Officers investigated a report of graffiti spray-painted on the boards of a vacant Franklin Avenue premise on April 12th.

Excessive speed

On April 12th two motorists, one on Clinton Road and the other on Rockaway Avenue, were charged with unlicensed operation and excessive speed. 

Items taken from vehicle

Items were reported stolen from a vehicle parked in a St. Paul’s Crescent driveway on April 12th.

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