The Mayor’s Update

Mayor Cosmo Veneziale

Mayor Cosmo Veneziale

Memorial Day 2022

Under the auspices of William Bradford Turner Post 265 and the American Legion Auxiliary, Memorial Day ceremonies were held at the Seventh Street War Memorial under clear skies, following the return of the Parade of Honor this year. For many Americans Memorial Day marks the beginning of the Summer Season. But for many other Americans, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for all who gave their lives for our freedom. It is a day to remember the fallen men and women who served our country. It is a day to remember family members, friends and fellow citizens who served and made the ultimate sacrifice. It is a day to remember America as a great hopeful society where our men and women fought in wars to defend the freedoms we hold dear. Above all, Memorial Day is a day each American can show their respect and gratitude to the men and women who served our country so gallantly.

Water Update

Water Tower: The Village continues to fill the tank. At completion, the water will be sampled for Nassau County Department of Health approval.

Blue Water Report: Village Administrator Ralph Suozzi has accepted the draft blue water report that was sent to the Village. 

Corrosion Control Study: The report has been sent to the Nassau Court Department of Health for approval.

Lead Service Line Inventory: The lead service line investigation and analysis of Village plumbing permits and house ages is complete. The draft map showing house/street side services will be presented to the Village. Follow up steps to complete inventory are under discussion. Additional building permits provided by the Village for review. The revised draft Lead Service Line inventory narrative was sent to the Village on April 28, 2022.

Well 7 (Waterworks site): H2M is requesting Nassau County Department of Health approval to place the well back online.

Wells 8 and 12 (Rockaway Avenue site): H2M re-ran performance testing for Well No. 12. Crews are preparing a final performance report. 

Well No 9 (Wilson Street site): Design of the facility continues.

Wells 10 and 11 (Clinton Road site): Officials sampled Well No. 11 and Well No. 10 AOP, GAC and air stripping tower. Once results are received they will be sent to the health department. A final Health Department walk through will then be scheduled.

Wells 13 and 14 (Garden City Country Club site): The GAC is expected to be delivered Wednesday/Thursday.

Wells 15 and 16 (Hilton Park site): The contractor is repairing the air compressor for iron vessel valves and continues to install well casing vents. 

Online Tax Payment Information

The online tax payment system for the 2022-2023 tax year is available beginning June 1, 2022. You can access the 2022-2023 Tax Payment System as follows:

• Bill Payment Center “Quick Link” on the Home Page, or

• Tax and Water Billing Information Tab

Payment Options:

• ACH Debit Payment (No Additional Fees)

• Visa, Mastercard or Discover (Additional Fees Apply)

First half payments are due by July 1, 2022 to avoid penalties. Second half payments are due by January 3, 2023 to avoid penalties. To take advantage of the discounted full year amount, the full year tax payment must be made by June 30, 2022. Any questions regarding tax payments, please contact Angella Ciolino at (516) 465-4156.

Cherry Valley Train Trestle Replacement

Beginning on or about June 15, the MTA/LIRR will begin a project to replace the Cherry Valley train trestle. The work to build the new abutments is expected to be completed before school begins in September. The new trestle is currently being built in Pennsylvania and will be disassembled and moved to the Cathedral property, which is currently being leased by the MTA. The trestle will be reconstructed and put into place next spring. At Mayor Cosmo Veneziale’s request, he, along with other Village officials, met with the VIllage’s LIRR government liaisons and the project manager on Tuesday, May 31 to discuss, among other things, preservation aspects of the plan.

2021 Drinking Water Quality Report

The Village of Garden City is pleased to present to you the 2021 Water Quality Report. The report is required to be delivered to all residents of our Village in compliance with Federal and State regulations and is designed to inform you about the quality water and services we deliver to you on a daily basis. It is important to the Village that our residents are familiar with the efforts that are taken to protect our water resources and to continually improve the water treatment process. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality water to your home. To read the report in full, please visit the Village website,, and click on Departments, Water and Sewer.

Tree Planting Program

The tree planting program officially began Monday, May 23 as our contractor, under the direction of the Garden City Parks crews, began planting approximately 179 trees throughout the Village. That’s approximately 50 trees a day for approximately four days. The trees all have a one year warranty, and while the contractor is going to do one watering of the trees, we ask our residents to help out by getting some additional water on the trees, especially for the first 10 – 14 days. Although it’s too late for residents to request a tree be planted in front of their house for the spring, the Recreation and Parks office is accepting requests for the fall. Almost 200 residents have made requests for the spring. According to Paul Blake, chairperson of the Board of Commissioners of Cultural and Recreational Affairs, the Department typically plants 8-10 varieties of trees. Residents can call the Recreation and Parks office at 516-465-4075 to request a tree planting.

Community Garden is Open

Recreation and Parks’ Community Garden is open for planting this year. Residents wishing to obtain a plot should call 465-4075. Participants are responsible for the needs of their plot, including planting, weeding and harvesting. Space is limited and will be given out on a first come, first served basis.

Buckle Up NY Enforcement Initiative

The Garden City Police Department is participating in the Statewide Buckle-Up New York enforcement initiative through June 5th. The enforcement of seat belt and child restraint laws saves lives. During this initiative, highly visible patrols and checkpoints are being conducted throughout the Village, targeting non-compliance to occupant restraint laws including child safety seat laws. The goal of Garden City Police Department’s Occupant Restraint Enforcement Program is to reduce personal injuries and fatalities due to automobile crashes through education and enforcement. Studies have shown that wearing a seatbelt can reduce the risk of fatal injury by 45 percent and the risk of serious physical injury by 50 percent. According to the New York Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee (GTSC), statistics show unrestrained or improperly restrained occupants account for 37 percent of highway deaths in New York.

Commissioner Kenneth Jackson said the Department’s participation in this effort was made possible through funding received from the GTSC, with assistance from the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police and the Nassau County Traffic Safety Board. The following is a brief overview from the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee regarding seatbelt/occupant laws for driving with passengers under the age of 16:

• All vehicle occupants must wear proper safety restraints. The driver is responsible for all passengers under age 16.

• All children under 4 years old must be restrained in a federally approved child safety seat.

• Children ages 4, 5, 6 and 7 must be properly restrained in an appropriate child restraint system.

• Effective November 1, 2019, children under two years of age must be placed in a rear-facing child seat.

• Backseat passengers in a taxi or livery who are 16 years of age or older must be restrained by a seat belt.

• All passengers in a taxi or livery who are 8-15 years of age must be restrained by a seat belt.

• Due to the efforts of Law Enforcement, seat belt compliance rates are at 94 percent in New York State. The national compliance rate is 91 percent.

• Drivers will be assessed three points against their driver’s license for the conviction of occupant restraint laws regarding child passengers under 16 years of age.

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