The Kordes Korner

historic photo of football playersThat’s a football game at St. Paul’s School over a hundred years ago around 1910. Note the cars along the side of the playing field. There were no parking lots back then. St. Paul’s School arch rival in sports was always Poly Prep as St. Paul’s from the beginning had an extensive sports program.

You know, baseball has always been considered “America’s pastime” over the last 150 years. I think its because professional baseball is played over six months with 162 games. So there is a game practically every day during those long hot summer months. However, when it comes to high school and college sports, football is the most popular sport to watch. Perhaps it’s because football begins in the fall just as school begins. So there has always been that association. Also, homecoming weekend is in the fall and is tied to football. Basketball and ice hockey have their fans but just don’t approach baseball and football in popularity. What about soccer? Ironically, I think soccer is perhaps the most popular sport for children to play (I played it through high school) however it never reached the popularity professionally here that it enjoys in the rest of the world as a spectator sport. Sometimes I catch the English Premier League Soccer on the weekends on T.V. However even I have to admit watching it for 90 minutes to a 0-0 tie is mind numbing at times. It’s much more fun to play than to watch.

Getting back to baseball, it is the only sport where the defense has the ball. Think about it!


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