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Get in the mood for spring at the A.T. Stewart Exchange Consignment Shop

Don’t prank us!  It’s Friday, April 1st, otherwise known as April Fool’s Day.  While the exact date is unknown, historians speculate that this tradition of pulling pranks on each other dates to 1582 when France switched to the Gregorian calendar.  Under the old (Julian) calendar, the new year began with the Spring equinox, around April 1.  People who hadn’t heard the news or didn’t realize that the new year had moved to January 1st continued to celebrate it during the last week of March, into April 1.  They then became the butt of jokes and hoaxes and were called “April fools.”  These pranks included having paper fish placed on their backs and being referred to as, “poisson d’avril,” (“April fish”) symbolizing a young easily caught fish and a gullible person.

When you come into the Exchange, we won’t pull any pranks or jokes on you.  But we do have some fun, witty flour sac towels and accent pillows.  And you’ll find the Shop is definitely ready for Spring and especially for Easter.  Check out our adorable, crocheted chicks and ducks, and cute resin bunnies.  Just in – wreaths with Easter motifs, as well as cocktail and lunch napkins.  Need candles for your table?   We have cheery pink, yellow, and even orange candles at great prices.  All these things will get you in the mood for Spring.  Be on the look-out for our Easter-themed chocolate covered oreos from JCBs Culinary Creations.  They were a big hit at Valentine’s Day, so be sure to get yours early.

Remember:  we’re here for you six days a week.  We are open on Mondays!!  And, for those of you who work, we are still open late on Wednesdays until 6:00pm.  It’s a great chance to shop in peace and quiet.  We get newly consigned merchandise almost every day!   And we sell new merchandise – especially gift items – bought through the NY Gift Show. Therefore, I prefer to think of our shop as a Gift and Resale Shop.  If you can’t make it in right away, please shop online at and pick up your purchases at the Exchange. We also post photos on the AT Stewart Exchange Facebook and Instagram pages.

When you do come into the Shop, please follow our established sanitizing protocols and social distancing rules to keep everyone safe.  Even though all the volunteers have been vaccinated, you will see that many of us continue to wear our masks. We offer hand-sanitizer when you enter the shop, and, to keep you feeling safe, we are running the air purifier which cleans the air in the Shop every hour.

Unfamiliar with the Exchange Consignment Shop? We are housed in The Garden City Historical Society (TGCHS) Museum on 109 Eleventh Street (in the basement of the building). All the proceeds from the Shop sales directly benefit TGCHS. In addition to our best sellers – jewelry (costume and fine), lamps, mirrors, and crystal (Waterford, Baccarat, Tiffany) — we take/accept silver, pocketbooks, china, furniture, artwork, and collectibles. All items are in new or nearly new condition.

We accept consignments Wednesday through Friday 11:00am – 2:00pm by appointment ONLY.  This is done to safeguard customers, consignors and volunteers.  Having appointments helps to keep down the numbers of people in the Shop and reduces wait-times to consign.  Please call (516)746-8900 to set up an appointment.  Unsure if your items are appropriate to consign?  Email photos to store@ and be sure to include sizing info.  You will generally receive a response the same day.

Remember:  all the profits from the Consignment Shop support the maintenance and upkeep of TGCHS Museum. Thanks to your generous support, work on the outside of the Museum continues.

The shop is located at 109 Eleventh Street. Shop hours: Monday – Fri 10:00 – 4:00; Wednesday til 6:00pm; Saturday noon – 4:00pm.

Please call (516) 746-8900 for more information.

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