Support Comm. Agreement candidates

To the Editor: 

I am writing this note to lend my support to the candidates representing the Community Agreement Party in our upcoming Village elections for Mayor and Trustees ; Judy Coutney (East), Cosmo Veneziale (West),and Michele Harrington (Estates).   I am a former President of the Eastern Property Owners Association and have a deep respect and appreciation of the time and effort that the POA’s and the members put in to ensure that our Village is a wonderful place to live.  The members of the POA’s and these candidates that represent the Community Agreement Party do not have any special agenda other than to do their best, as volunteers, to deal with the multitude of issues that our Village faces each and every day. 

In regard to Cosmo Veneziale; I have known Cosmo on both a professional and personal level for nearly 25 years.  We first met as volunteer members of the GC School District’s  Citizens’ Advisory Committee in 1998 where we shepherded a $38MM Bond issue and oversaw the project from start to finish.  We again joined up as Citizen Volunteers in the Mayor’s Committee on St Paul’s where we conducted a deep examination of the utilization of the St Paul’s property.  Professionally,  I have worked with Cosmo and his firm on multiple projects in my capacity as Director of Engineering of the ABC Television Network and as a member the Board of the Cherry Valley Club in GC.  He is an accomplished architect with a deep understanding of buildings, interior and exterior restoration means and methods.  His talents and experience in this field would be an invaluable resource for the Board in evaluating the multiple paths that the St Paul’s building may take. 

I know of no one in the Village that has the experience and credentials to take us on the St Paul’s journey that Cosmo Veneziale has.  I also know that Cosmo will professionally challenge all options presented to the Board and make the decision that is best for our Village, not one based on emotions.  He has already demonstrated to me that he can make tough decisions as a Trustee; whether it pertains to  Fire safety in the Village, our water supply, our workforce, creating a structure to finally deal with St Paul’s and other  infrastructure improvements.  I urge you to support all the Community Agreement candidates, but also let’s support Cosmo in his candidacy for Trustee to have him on our Board to “finish the job”

                                                                                    Jim Carney

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