Stay on the high road

On Saturday, April 2nd, residents can meet with the two candidates for the open seat on the Board of Education, Joe Sileo and Niten Jaiswal, and hear their positions on issues. The informal meet up will be held on Seventh Street between 9:30 and 11 a.m. between Dunkin Donuts and the French Workshop.

Kudos to the Eastern Property Owners Association for hosting an event to make the candidates easily accessible to answer questions. 

While only residents of the East will get to vote in the EPOA primary, residents from all sections will get to vote in the May general election, so everyone should see what the two candidates have to say.

While the controversy over masking in schools was bitter in recent months, we hope that the public uses this opportunity to ask about the many other issues that confront school systems today, from curriculum to finances. There has been so much divisiveness in public discourse in recent years and it’s time to start mending the cracks in our society.

No doubt both candidates want the best for Garden City’s students. Their particular points of view may vary in specific ways, which one may agree or disagree about, but in the end the education, health and safety of all children are their most important goals.  

Let’s stay on the high road for this election. 

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