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To the Editor:

Growing up in Garden City, my familial connections run deep as my parents still reside here, and my late grandparents once called this community home. Ingrained in the fabric of this town from a young age, I cherish countless memories and invaluable relationships fostered over the years. Witnessing firsthand the unwavering support extended by this community during times of both triumph and tragedy, I developed a profound appreciation for our community.

After a decade in Manhattan, my husband and I decided to return and settle in Garden City, excited to build our family and offer them the same joys of living in this town that shaped my upbringing. During our time away, I remained connected to Garden City’s evolution, and upon our return, I actively sought avenues to contribute and enhance areas that I felt warranted support.

My commitment to Garden City and its community runs deep, and my commitment to its growth and prosperity remains unwavering as I strive to give back and enrich the community that has given me so much.

Jessica grew up differently, but her love for the village is the same as mine. Her global experiences have instilled a profound appreciation for the unique spirit that is Garden City. She understands how special and rare this village and community is. She is passionate and dedicated to using her skills and sense of teamwork on the Board to broaden the accomplishments of the Village of Garden City.  I have witnessed her dedication to this town on countless occasions regarding multiple topics. Some of them are included below.

Jessica’s Positive Impact on our Village Community:

Jessica, an active member of our village for the past several years, has devoted herself to enhancing the beauty and family-friendly atmosphere of our town. Despite the canceled promenades, her dedication to community improvement shone through. Grasping the essence of community spirit, she proposed a captivating fall fair in a local park. Swiftly initiating a petition and presenting it to the Board, Jessica’s efforts materialized into a festive celebration hosted by the POAs, where my family and I enjoyed a memorable time.

Library Enhancements:

Jessica, drawing upon her extensive 20-year teaching experience and her role as a devoted mother, would propose innovative ideas and interactive activities to be available for the community. Her vision includes expanding programs for all age groups, promising to support more residents in our recently renovated library in collaboration with the Library Board and Friends of the Library.

Jessica’s Advocacy:

While many of us have questions about the proposed casino, Jessica fearlessly represented our voices at the Town of Hempstead Scoping Session. Standing before a large audience, she voiced her questions to Sands citing projected impacts that it may have on our village, leaving a lasting impression on the town council.

I believe Jessica will serve as a dedicated, respectful, and effective trustee. Jessica’s tireless efforts for this campaign reflect her genuine desire to serve her fellow residents and uplift the community of Garden City.  Please consider supporting Jessica Tai on March 19 and join in shaping a brighter future for our beloved town.

Danette Ceriano Brunelli


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