Rec and Parks crews spruce up Library grounds

Over the past two weekends, crews from the Recreation and Parks Department have been busy working at the Library to clean up the landscaping around the building and grounds. Much of the vegetation was overgrown or in poor condition, as well as blocking the Library windows and infringing on sidewalks around the building.

Crews removed shrubbery which was in failing health, cut back and pruned hedges, and removed nuisance growth, such as a bush with long needle-like stickers. Topsoil was added to beds to level them out in anticipation of new plantings, which will be planted once the weather cools. It was a very hot day, and both Library Trustee Randy Colahan and Village Trustee Bruce Torino individually stopped by and spoke to the workers to offer their thanks.

“The Library Trustees and Administration truly appreciate the hard work of this crew and the efforts of the Village to improve the Library, both in function and appearance,” Trustee Colahan said.

Paul Blake, Recreation and Parks commissioner, and Nursery Manager Steve Barnych discussed several options for new plantings. In some areas, larger specimens, such as Holly bushes, will be planted, while Hews will likely be used in other locations. In some areas, grass coverage will increase.

This project will take place over several weeks. Patrons should also walk carefully when going in and out of the building, and avoid wandering in and through the work areas.

“Overall, the plan is to provide a planting design which will enhance the appearance of the Library building and grounds, as well as reducing maintenance requirements,” Mr. Blake said.

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