Not listening?

To the Editor:

As George Krug stated in his recent letter-to-the editor, we have heard absolutely nothing from Hempstead Town Supervisor Don Clavin about his position on the Sands Casino.  Consequently, I went to the October 3rd meeting of the Hempstead Town Board intending to ask Supervisor Don Clavin and Councilman Thomas Muscarella about their views on the casino. After 90 minutes of discussion on the published agenda, it was finally time for comments from the public.   Unfortunately, Clavin and Muscarella hurried out of the meeting just as the public comments session was about to begin. And, strangely, neither Clavin nor Muscarella offered an apology or even an explanation to the taxpayers who had been waiting patiently to address them.  

And that is too bad because they missed important comments from Monica Kiely and other residents from Garden City and Uniondale.
Leo Stimmler

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