Need fresh set of eyes

To the Editor:

We have heard a lot about the twenty plus years of experience Colleen Foley and Bill Holub would bring to the Board of Education.

But with that experience comes a track record. Let’s review.

Over these past twenty years we have seen administrative costs in our school budget skyrocket. During this same time period we have seen cuts in, but not limited to, gifted programs (QUEST), school sports (remember JV-B and 9th grade teams – yes there was a time when we didn’t have 38 kids on a JV team with one coach) and major lawsuits related to inadequate Special Education services.

Colleen Foley also served on the Village Board of Trustees during the controversial 555 Stewart Avenue agreement, the disaster that is the MTA 3rd Rail Project at Merillon Avenue, installation of Monster Poles, the Casino drama and the ADA handicap parking lawsuit.

The current Board of Education led by Bill Holub rubber stamped a $750,000 greenhouse project in last year’s school budget. The details for use and purpose of this greenhouse were vague at best. Fast forward to this year and the greenhouse has morphed into a $2 million outdoor learning and research center at the high school. How exactly this multi million dollar outdoor space will be used in a Northeast state is unclear.

Thank you for your service but it is time for a change. We need a fresh set of eyes to review the expenses of this district as well as the safety and curriculum of our schools. We need a different set of ears willing to listen to the concerns of all parents. And we need bold new voices who will advocate for our children.

Joe Sileo, Billy O’Donohue and Artie Gnecco are the right choices on May 17th. Go to the polls and vote!

Ryan Mulrooney

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