To the Editor:

In regards to Judy Courtney’s most recent ads and her desire to have the already busy Trustees provide personal visits and “written updates” to the POA residents (update frequently written by paid village employees at the request of CAP/POA BOT members on Village time), maybe Ms. Courtney can provide some clarification as to why her special POA group merits “concierge service”  rather than using the communication avenues available to all residents: Board meetings, the village website, Facebook and other social media, the GCNews, etc.  Are not all residents just residents, or are “POA residents” a special class?

More concerning is Judy Courtney’s misstatement that FABGC BOT members “Stacks Village Committees with only one group.” Judy Courtney she is well aware that the Village Governance Committee found that every single person on every single Board and Commission for the last 20 years of POA/CAP uniparty control (with one exception) were dues paying POA members, selected and vetted.   100%.   Judy Courtney knows full well that since the 100% uniparty control by the CAP/POA was broken after a century, that every Board and Commission is now a wonderful combination of POA/FABGC/Independents.  Perhaps Judy Courtney, an experienced politician and now on her third run for Trustee outside of the POA system, should answer a couple of questions:

  • Does Ms. Courtney, and her fellow CAP/POA candidates, think the Village should return to the CAP/POA system where every member of every Village Board and Commission MUST be a POA member?
  • Does Ms. Courtney, and her fellow CAP/POA candidates, think we should return to rotating the Mayor or continue with residents electing the best person for the job?
  • Does Ms. Courtney, and her fellow CAP/POA candidates, really believe the POA’s are civic organizations when they have selected every single BOT member for decades till 2021?
  • Does Ms Courtney, and her fellow CAP/POA candidates, really believe busy trustees should be writing written reports for POA residents rather than Ms. Courtney attend BOT meetings on Zoom or Meet and Greets or go on the Village website?

The reality is, the POA’s have warped, defiled and misinterpreted the Community Agreement for decades to protect a uniparty system on residents where less than 1% of the residents voted for decades.  That was never the intention of the Community Agreement.  And now, now, Ms. Courtney and her fellow CAP/POA candidates speak of being “inclusive”.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Donald MacLeod





One response to “Misinformation”

  1. Eileen Read says:

    I thought it was a miracle. No letters this week. But here we are with his same mantra. Over and over and over saying the same things and accusing good women of this village of anything possibly to put their intentions in a bad light.
    Thank fully I saw this after sifting thought fifty vote for Vinny letters. Hopefully this will be the last Friday we see complaints from this same person. We deserve a break- March 19 th gives us the power don’t forget to vote for Vinny, Judy, Bruce and Jessica

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