Kindness Counts at Garden City Middle School

group of children on school steps, holding certificates

Student recipients of the Kindness Counts Award stood proudly, holding up their rewards.
Photo courtesy of Garden City Public Schools

Garden City Middle School students are nominated each month by staff members for the Kindness Counts Award. This award recognizes students for doing something kind for others.

Congratulations to September’s award recipients: Aaron Li, Jason Theodosopoulos, Gavin Macchio, Claire Arendt, Ashlyn Tarr, Fiona Bailey, Tegan Daughney. Anna Padala, Emily Dombrowski, Fiona McCartney, Corey Ellis, Jacob Sierra, Nico Davi, Ethan Lo, Madelyn Gebhard, Kate Esposito, Sadie Brantuk, Molly Cannizzaro, Edward Wisell, Sofia Klocek, Anthony Grego, Eloise Pizzi, Emmett Mele, Cooper Glick, and Gavin Sanz.

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