Invaluable skillsets

To the Editor:

I have had the pleasure of getting to know both Judy and Michelle through my involvement with our town POA (property owner’s associations) and have been so impressed with both individual’s commitment to our Garden City community.  Both Michelle and Judy have already willingly dedicated hours to our village and have a strong familiarity with process and how to get things done.  In my interactions and experience, both have always been fair and balanced, not only in their approach to pressing matters, but in their openness to differing opinions and considerations.  We need people like Judy and Michelle!  Leaders in their individual professions, they bring skillsets that are invaluable at a time when so many important topics face our village governance.  I believe in the community agreement and having a non-partisan board representing varying points of view..  Electing Judy and Michelle will bring 2 individuals to the table that only want what is best for the total community without agenda. I urge my fellow residents to vote for Judy Courtney and Michelle Harrington on March 21st

Tracey Williams

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