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To the Editor:

I have learned that Trustee Mary Carter Flanagan has decided to run for the position of Mayor in the upcoming election on March 21st!  She is richly deserving of the support of any resident who believes that the next mayor must be a person of intelligence, wisdom and vision whose foremost mission is to do what is best for the Village and its residents.

Why do I write this?  Because it is true, Trustee Carter Flanagan has chaired and spearheaded the EAB with is various Committees to educate and inform residents about subjects affecting our lives and well-being.  She has led the charge for cleaner water, better refuse disposal, noise abatement and cleaner air (promoting and mandating seasonal ban of the gas-powered leaf blowers).  For example, as part of one of the two sessions pertaining to the use of unregulated two cycle gas powered leaf blowers she asked me, as a simple resident in the west, to get my landscaper to appear and speak on the issue.  I did so, and felt included in the dialogue about this subject which impacts on high decibel noise and the toxicity of the air we all breathe.  The result was a sensible part of the year ban on gas-powered leaf blowers.

Trustee Carter Flanagan has also been a leader in addressing Village traffic concerns.  As a personal example she listened to my complaint on a sunny summer Saturday (7/9/22) about quite a few vehicles driving off Cambridge Avenue up the one way exit ramp at the pool parking lot causing a very dangerous hazard.  Trustee Carter Flanagan immediately connected me with GCPD Commissioner Jackson.  Without any meetings or red tape an assessment of the area was done (7/13/22) and the safety of the exit ramp was soon greatly improved with better signage and pavement markings to mitigate the danger.

And there is more, Trustee Carter Flanagan is a frequent active participant in the monthly Meet & Greet wherein residents informally discuss Village matters with three of the Trustees.  Finally, she has displayed a reasonable, wise, and measured approach to any matter when acting as a member of the present Board of Trustees.

So, consider the above, then cast your vote supporting Trustee Mary Carter Flanagan as our next mayor!

Steve Gorray

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