GCHS Students Of The Month Recognition Program

Senior Marissa Burdi

Senior Marissa Burdi

Congratulations to senior Marissa Burdi and sophomore Joanna Fitzpatrick on being selected as Garden City High School Student of the Month winners. “We have so many wonderful students at Garden City High School,” commented Principal Nanine Cuttitta. “We are always looking for an opportunity to recognize their achievements. Our administrative team introduced this program to give our faculty another avenue to do so.

Each month, two students – one from grades 9 and 10, and one from grades 11 and 12 will be selected for this recognition.”

The criteria utilized when selecting students includes:

Sophomore Joanna Fitzpatrick

Sophomore Joanna Fitzpatrick

Academic Excellence –

including grades, class participation, completion of assignments

Effort –
works hard despite ability

Behavior –

obeys rules, shows respect to peers and authority, well mannered; includes behavior both inside and outside of the classroom

Social Relationships –

displays leadership, willingness to help peers, shows respect to others

Character –

includes adaptability, compassion, honesty, initiative, loyalty, optimism, perseverance, reflection, respect, responsibility, and trustworthiness, among others!

In addition to certificates of acknowledgement, like the ones being held by Marissa and Joanna, Students of the Month photos are posted in the showcase near the high school’s main office, their names are posted on the school’s web site, and they have received a small token of appreciation from the school.

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