GC High School creates Field of Flags

Garden City High School’s Students Helping Students club held its third annual Field of Flags ceremony in honor of Veterans Day. Field of Flags is an impactful display of American flags on the high school’s front lawn meant to celebrate and recognize those who put their lives on the line to ensure freedom every day.

Students Helping Students club focuses on facilitating student-driven community service projects throughout the year. For Field of Flags, the students asked members of their school and community for donations in the form of commemorative ribbons each dedicated to a veteran or first responder. The ribbons were then hung on the American flags ahead of the ceremony that took place next to the dazzling flag display. This year, the proceeds totaling $2,725 were given to the Garden City Fire Department.

Student Matthew Kephart gave a speech during the ceremony saying, “Over the past three years, the Garden City community has been hit with several tragic fires. During the worst of which, we lost our very special Molly Madigan and the members of her family. Seeing the impact that these tragic fires have had on members of our school, we thought our support and donation would be the best way to show our gratitude for heroes that aided in those tragic moments. The Garden City Fire Department has been instrumental in the safety of our community, and they work tirelessly to help those in dire times of need.” 

Members of the high school’s administration, the Garden City Fire Department, representatives from the American Legion Auxiliary, and Students Helping Students club members were all in attendance. It was an awe-inspiring spectacle as one student sang the national anthem followed by two marching band students playing “Taps.”

Garden City High School and the district are so proud of the Students Helping Students club members for their thoughtful efforts in raising money for the community’s very own fire department. 

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