Garden City HS Marching Band enjoys Band Camp

The Garden City Marching Band (GCMB) debuted its 2022 field show on Tuesday, August 30th for parents, friends, and school administration.  The spy-themed field show is titled “Espionage” and features a “Bond-like” spy character, a heroine, a villain, and features spy props, including an Aston Martin.

The students spent the previous week at Band Camp at GCHS, learning the field formations and music to the songs, “Agent 54,” “Bad Guy,” “Live and Let Die,” “The James Bond Theme,” and “The Pretender.”  At this debut performance, the Marching Band Director Mr. DellaMonica informed spectators what an incredible feat it was for the students to learn the completed movements on the field as well as memorizing all of the music in only five days.

“We have so many new members this year and what we were able to do in this short amount of time is a testament to the talented and enthusiastic students,” said Mr. DellaMonica.  Although the musicians worked hard, they had time for fun, including themed rehearsals, such as tropical day and twin day.

Band Camp culminated with the tradition of “Color Wars,” where each section of the Marching Band dresses in certain colors to compete for points to be the best section of Band Camp.  However, after the exceptional performance that the students gave, it appears that everyone came out a winner.

To see the Marching Band’s field show “Espionage,” you can view it at GC Home football games, at Homecoming, and at our “Mock” competition at GCHS on September 24th at 3pm.  The Marching Band also competes at various US Bands events throughout the Tri-State area, including at MetLife Stadium, and in the upcoming Newsday Marching Band Festival.

Come out and hear the band in action, cheer the members on, and see if you can help solve the mystery, that is, “Espionage.”

  • large group of band students

    Band Camp participants

  • two lines of students tossing water balloons

    The water balloon toss

  • students feeding cookies into other students' mouths

    The Oreo competition

  • band students

    Band members also enjoyed bonding activities.

  • band players in marching formation

    The band practices marching

  • band players on football field

    The band practices on the field


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