Existential threat

To the Editor:
Under the supervision of the Chinese political action committee, Chinese drug suppliers are determined to spread poisonous substances, such as fentanyl, via Mexican cartels into our country. The fentanyl comes in the form of raw powder or pills. To camouflage it, drug dealers usually combine fentanyl with other pills like heroin to make it even more addictive. Are you aware that a dose of only 3 milligrams of fentanyl could kill someone?! According to the CDC, over 100000 people in the US have died due to drug overdoses within a 12-month period; about 67% of the deaths resulted from use of fentanyl alone.
China is well aware that in order to rule over the US, it needs to use various strategies to attack and weaken us from within the realm of our own country. One of them seems to be the spread of the coronavirus, which has killed over 1 million people in the US alone. It is still unclear whether the virus originated from an experimental lab in Wuhan or from a Wuhan live animal market. But the city of Wuhan tends to be the epicenter. 
Killer #2 is fentanyl which has been detrimental to our youth.

In addition, The Heritage Foundation published a paper stating that some Chinese groups responsible for science and Chinese culture are channeling remarkable amounts of money as grants to American colleges and universities such as Harvard and Emory. As a result, China may obtain preferential treatment towards their own students. China could also potentially influence our school hierarchy giving it the power to determine what subjects preferably should be taught, having yet another negative impact in our lives (killer#3) . 
Next to the major players (Canada and some major European countries), China has been showing an increased interest in purchasing American farmland. Apart from the 191000 acres of US territory China already owns, its latest acquisition of 300 acres close to Grand Forks Air Base in North Dakota should be given special attention. Remember, China already made a similar purchase of 130 acres in Val Verde
County, Texas last year. This property is located near Laughlin Air Force Base, the largest US training center. This raises all kinds of eyebrows, particularly when it comes to our security and control of our food supply (killer#4).
China is penetrating our country left and right and taking advantage of our present political disarray and indecisiveness .
We better wake up before the silent killer has taken over!
Heinz Mayer

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