Disappointing non-response

To the Editor:

I see that not one candidate for Trustee/Mayor unequivocally stated his or her position on St. Paul’s demolition. 

Each one essentially said that he or she will wait for the referendum of the village, which is nothing more than, again, kicking the can down the road; not only because we have to wait for the referendum, we don’t even know what alternatives the residents will have to vote on in the referendum.

The last “referendum” a number of years ago, showed favoritism towards demolition if read properly, but I guess some people didn’t like it.

Can someone or some group at least explain in detail the proposed referendum, the alternatives, and how the votes will be allocated, i.e. complete demolition, partial demolition with façade, no demolition with improvements, etc.

Again, God bless all.

Ray McRory

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