CAP nominees to meet residents on January 17th

The Eastern, Central and Estates Property Owner’s Associations will jointly host a general public meeting on Tuesday, January 17th at 7:30 in the St. Paul’s Field House. At this meeting, the two nominees for the Village Board of Trustees from the Community Agreement Party, Judy Courtney and Tom Kade, will be introduced. Judy will be running from the Eastern Section for Mayor (as per the Village’s Community Agreement and it’s provision that the position of Mayor should rotate to a resident from the Eastern section) and Tom will be running for Trustee from Central. Residents will have a chance to hear from both Judy and Tom at this meeting.  The Western POA will have a separate meeting on the evening of January 17th at Homestead School.

Judy Courtney is a lifelong resident of Garden City.  As a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years’ experience in organization design, leadership and performance management, Judy has volunteered in many different Village organizations including her current position as an at-large member of the Village Recreation Commission.  She served for nine years as an EPOA director, including two as president, and as the East representative on the Traffic Commission and the Continuing Education Committee.  Judy is also a founding member of the Mobility Impaired Committee.  She regularly attends Board of Trustees meetings, budget meetings and other Village events.

Tom Kade is 13 year resident of the Central Section in Garden City where he lives with his wife, MaryLiz Manning Kade, a life-long Garden City resident and their 4 daughters, one of whom currently serves as a student ambassador to the CPOA.  Tom regularly attends CPOA meetings and has over 25 years of experience working with financial firms and in technology sales. Tom has coached girls soccer and basketball and been a strong advocate for traffic safety. 

As previously announced, the POAs modified their nominating procedures to provide for open primaries to determine trustee nominees for Village and School Boards.  Having not received more than one letter of interest from any section, a primary will not be held and instead residents will be able to meet with both Judy and Tom.  The POAs continue their support of the Community Agreement and are thrilled to support Judy and Tom given their impressive backgrounds and many years of volunteer service to the Village. 

In addition, during the meeting there will be updates on Village and School issues from Trustees as well as POA officers, directors, committee representatives and liaisons.  All residents are welcome to attend.

As per the CPOA: There are two candidates from Central for the BOE position and a primary will be held. Details on the primary will be forthcoming, including on both the Central website and the combined website


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