Breast cancer survivors tell their stories

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  • Deborah Holley

    Deborah Holley

  • Katie Kaspar

    Katie Kaspar

  • Kimberly Callahan

    Kimberly Callahan

The Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program is marking its 40th anniversary on Tuesday, October 27, on Zoom, from 6 to 7:30 pm at its free annual Celebration of Survivorship.

“Even with all the travail of 2020, we are still hard at work supporting women, men and their families as they go through breast cancer,” says Executive Director Reyna Machado.

Three breast cancer survivors will share their inspirational stories.

Kimberly Callahan

8-year survivor

Kimberly Callahan is 38 years old and was diagnosed with stage 2 invasive ductal breast cancer at the age of 30. Kimberly went through six months of intense chemo, had a double mastectomy and radiation, all the while in a mentally abusive relationship.

At times things seemed hopeless. However, she kept faith, left her relationship and started her life over. She then met a new man who is now her husband. Although she was told that there was very little chance that she could ever get pregnant, she did conceive and gave birth to a healthy girl who is now four years old.

Deborah Holley

6-year survivor

Deborah Holley is a devoted grandmother to three and a self-confessed chocoholic, whose favorite pastime is reading on the beach. Two years after supporting her sister through breast cancer, Deborah found herself in a similar position. Diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ she had a unilateral mastectomy. During the 18 months of subsequent reconstructive surgeries, Deborah, an educator of almost 30 years a continued teaching. Deborah is always looking for ways to give back to the community. When an opportunity to volunteer at the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program was presented, she was passionate about participating.

Kathleen Marie Kaspar

4-year survivor

Kathleen Marie Kaspar has been teaching English for 22 years at New Hyde Park Memorial High School. She has also taught undergraduate writing classes at St. John’s University, Hofstra University, and Nassau Community College and graduate secondary education classes at Adelphi University.

Kathleen enjoys the beauty of Long Island’s South Shore as she grew up in Massapequa and now along with her husband, Michael frequents the sand and surf of Long Beach. She and her husband also spend much time on the North Fork along with their sidekick…Jetty, the French Bulldog.

Four years ago, during a routine health screening, Kathleen was diagnosed with breast cancer. During her treatment, she attended an event sponsored by the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program. As a result, Kathleen started Pink October at New Hyde Park Memorial High School. This month-long fundraising program raises awareness for early detection and annual exams while engaging the school community in various events. The relationship between New Hyde Park Memorial High School and the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program highlights the strength in community when all come together to continue the fight for a cure.

Relax and get comfortable! For the first time in history, Celebration of Survivorship will take place online and as usual, at no cost to participants. The Adelphi Breast Cancer Program wants to ensure everyone can safely enjoy this inspirational and motivating event. RSVP by October 26, 2020. Register online at by phone at 516.877.4325 or by email at Please mention it’s for Celebration of Survivorship. Once you complete the REGISTRATION we will email you the Zoom link for the event.

Every year, the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program counts on the generosity of others to provide professional counseling, support, education and advocacy to over 10,000 individuals coping with breast cancer. COVID-19 has changed our entire way of life and its financial impact is increasingly distressing. Since April, our program has lost over 40% of our funding and the impact has been devastating. Consider taking an ad in our commemorative journal to support the work of the Adelphi Breast Cancer Program. The journal will be downloadable in PDF format. It will also be emailed to all registered guests and placed on our website. All ads and payments must be received by October 13, 2020. For information, call us 516.877.4370 or visit

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