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The following letter which was addressed to several public officials is printed by request:

I am writing in connection with your upcoming appointment of one of the five members of the Community Advisory Committee for Nassau County with regard to an application by Las Vegas Sands to build a casino complex at the Nassau Hub.

It is my understanding that a local Community Advisory Committee will be created to do the work necessary to determine the level of local support for the project and issue a finding as to whether there is actual community support sufficient to permit it to go forward. That finding should accurately reflect, in particular, the opinions of all local residents who will be affected by its presence. The Committee ought to be composed of members who are willing to listen to the voices of those of us who are legitimately concerned about the effect 20,000+ daily visitors and thousands of arriving employees will have on our roads, water supply, air quality, crime prevention and municipal services. As a resident of Garden City, I am particularly fearful that the MeadowBrook Parkway is not capable of handling the increased traffic caused by the Sands project. The obvious alternatives are the few major North/South thoroughfares in Nassau County that go through local communities. They will also be inadequate to handle the increased flow of traffic, resulting in the undesirable use of our residential streets as Waze inspired shortcuts.

It is my hope that the Committee will disregard the testimony of anyone with a conflict of interest. This not only means employees of the Sands and consultants to the Sands but also lobbyists, attorneys or anyone financially benefiting directly or indirectly from this project.

Most of the residents of Nassau County do not want this project. We are opposed to it and we insist that you and your appointee provide a fair process where our voices are heard.

John McFeely

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  1. Richard Catalano says:

    Thank you John for sharing your excellent letter to those elected officials who will be choosing the five members of the Community Advisory Committee. This committee is critical is deciding whether the Las Vegas Sands casino goes forward. The email addresses for the five elected officials can be found here –

    Take 15 minutes and send five emails – it makes a big difference. Also share with your friends and family and encourage them to do the same.

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