Apology from mayor

The following letter to Trustee Mary Carter Flanagan was shared with our readers by Mayor Veneziale:

 Dear Trustee Flanagan:

Please accept my apology for any hardship I may have caused you regarding my inquiry to the NYS Workers Compensation Board. My intention was never to impact your judicial position as a result of my request for information. I believed my action was an administrative one done based on the information provided to me. Should a similar issue arise, I will consult with the affected party and Village Counsel prior to taking any action. I sincerely hope you accept my apology. 

Cosmo Veneziale

8 responses to “Apology from mayor”

  1. Thx hole is getting deeper. Stop digging!

    • Hmm? Seems to
      Me you contacted Village Counsel prior to sending the letter this time and they told you it was unnecessary. Also, I reached out to Ms. Flanagan to see if real contact was made by you to her to offer a real apology. Crickets on that one. Pick up the phone Offer a real apology and for the sake of all affected stand up at the next board meeting; fess up; and apologize for real.

  2. Mary Flanagan says:

    While it appears Cosmo will not be stepping down, the Village Trustees are working hard to move on from this issue and address the challenging and time sensitive issues facing the village.

    I was disappointed to learn that Cosmo sent this “apology” letter to the GC New before sending it to my village email, and it is sadly a further attempt to mislead residents about his actions. He never spoke to me about this or tried to call me or email me before going to the GC News.

    Our Mayor appears to not understand the seriousness of all his deception. I can assure you there has been no hardship to my workplace. The hardship is to our village. Integrity is an essential trait for a Village Trustee and Mayor.

    Mary Carter Flanagan

    • Robert Bolebruch says:

      Mary, you have been a class act from the first day you became a trustee. Cosmo’s actions only cement the difference between someone like yourself who volunteers for the desire to serve and maintain our village and Cosmo who obviously has always had his own agenda. I am sorry for this attack on your job and your family. Unfortunately, I also experienced this as well as a trustee. I wish you all the best.

    • Eileen Read says:

      Mary I am sorry this happened to you. I saw matt speak against this. In the video- seemed heartfelt-
      I support Michele Harrington- I also support Ed Finneran. I am hopeful you support St Pauls-
      Good luck

  3. Cheryl Bolebruch says:

    King Cosmo feels no need to apologize! He will do whatever he wants again at any time. He needs to step down and get out. He’s a bad stain on our village. Shocking how quiet everyone is on this topic!! Disgusting!

    • jcantwell says:

      Not sure I’d call it quiet. I’d say nominating him for Trustee is a pretty loud and proud endorsement of his actions.

      • Richard Corrao says:

        There are some great dues-paying residents in the POAs, but it’s become pretty clear their top leadership will work with anyone who they think helps keep them electorally relevant. That may be good for them but it’s bad for Garden City.

        Regardless of “party” or “system,” I’m confident a vote for the best candidates March 21 will result in another FABGC win.

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