The spring real estate season

Now that the winter seems to finally have gone for good (we hope) Garden City will be coming into its most lovely season shortly.

As with every spring, our real estate advertisers are getting ready for their busiest time of year, when homeowners and buyers begin the annual ritual of open houses. Homes in Garden City are often at their best in the spring, when the grass starts to get green and the flowers are blooming.

We’ve heard that the supply of homes for sale across Long Island has been tight for the last few months, but it sure looks like the warm weather has started to make a difference and homeowners are trying to jump on the earliest part of the market. Since interest rates have edged upward in recent months, many would-be buyers may decide that now is the time to jump into the market.

For those readers who are prospective residents looking to see what’s available, welcome. We hope you learn to love Garden City as much as its long time residents do.

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