8th grade football team soars past Seahawks

team photo

The Garden City Middle School 8th Grade Football Team

The GC 8th Grade football team arrived at Levittown High School ready to preserve their perfect record so far this season. The Salk Middle School Seahawks made sure that was not going to be an easy task.

A huge 45-yard TD run by Matteo Ingrassia one-minute into the first quarter plus a successful point after kick by Diego Dersch put GC up 8-0, but the Trojan defensive line was tested in a big way. The Seahawks strictly resorted to a running game and kept pounding the defensive line. GC was able to stop a touchdown attempt but gave up a safety to put the score at 8-2. The Seahawks capitalized on that momentum to score a TD. With a missed extra point kick, the score was 9-8 Seahawks at the end of the first quarter.

Trailing on the scoreboard for the first time all season, GC was finally tested. Would the weeks of long practices and training give them the grit they needed to make a comeback. IT SURE DID! The Trojans were reenergized by a 4th down conversion by Gus Galli to reset the down count. Andrew Dengler caught a perfect pass by QB Brayden Robertiello to run for 25 yards to put GC up 16-9 at halftime.

The second half started off with a Jack LeSueur fumble recovery to set up a 50-yard sprint by Ingrassia to put another TD on the board to seal the win. The final score was GC 22, Seahawks 9.

Next up is the final game of the season (and the boys Middle School football careers) against Manhasset away at 4:45PM on Tuesday, November 1st.

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