girl with colors on face and clothes

Garden City Girl Scouts celebrate Festival of Colors

The Garden City Association of Girl Scouts hosted a new, fun and culturally enriching event for all levels of Girl Scouts on Sunday, March 20th at the Cathedral of the Incarnation. Girl Scouts of all levels joined in to celebrate Holi. Holi is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also known as the “Festival of Love,” the “Festival of Colors,” and […]

bees in beehive

Cathedral is buzzing into spring with beekeeping

The Cathedral of the Incarnation is pleased to announce the installation of two beehives on the Cathedral Close later this month. The Peace through Pollination project, which focuses on the Cathedral’s environmental stewardship commitment to the community, is designed to bring awareness to the important role pollinators play in the global food chain. It will encourage peace through the daily […]

Niten Jaiswal for BOE

To the Editor: I have known Niten Jaiswal for over 30 years. We grew up together here in this Village. I believe he would be an exceptional addition to the Garden City Board of Education. Let’s get past one thing that I’ve seen people mentioning. Niten currently wears a mask. Now that’s a hot button topic in this village these […]

Special Ed a priority

To the Editor: I am a Special Education parent in the Garden City School District. I have been an active advocate in our community for Special Education for the last six years and I take the upcoming Board of Education elections seriously. At last week’s Town Hall, I specifically asked both candidates how they thought special education in the district […]

Substantive platform

To the Editor: Our schools should not be political battlefields.  I have watched these past two years as our Superintendent and Board of Education have repeatedly had their attention diverted from educational matters to governmental COVID mandates and Department of Health protocols. Our schools are a place to educate our community’s children. Our schools are not political chess pieces – […]

Courageous candidate

To the Editor: I have three core values that I refer to when making big decisions.  Community (inclusive of family and friends), Love (inclusive of empathy, compassion, kindness, honesty, inclusivity, trust, and respect), and Courage.  These three values help guide me and ground me.  It is these three values that will lead me to vote for Niten Jaiswal in the […]

Long-range thinker

To the Editor: I’d like to share my thoughts following the EPOA Town Hall “meet and greet” that allowed the community the opportunity to hear from potential school board candidates – Mr. Niten Jaiswal and Mr. Joe Sileo.  It was an evening of highly engaged, thoughtful and respectful discourse about how best to elevate our district to the highest standards. […]

Highly qualified choice

To the Editor: As many residents are already aware, the Eastern section of Garden City will get the opportunity this week to vote for the person that will be on the ballot in May to represent them on the Board of Education.  Niten Jaiswal is running for this position and is a fantastic, highly qualified choice for the position. I […]

Right temperament

To the Editor: This letter is to express my full support and endorsement for Joseph Sileo for the Board of Education’s trustee seat.  Attending the Town Hall on March 23rd that the EPOA graciously hosted gave the audience a very good idea on what to expect from a rock-solid candidate who is collected in his thoughts with the right moral […]

Running for BOE

To the Editor: My name is Niten Jaiswal, and I am running for the Board of Education (“BOE”) seat, a primary for which is being held by the Eastern Property Owners Association (“EPOA”) on April 5, 2022 from 5pm-9pm at the Garden City Senior Center.  As you may know, I participated in a robust, reasoned and professional debate last week […]