First full day at Saint Joseph School

St. Joseph School opened its doors for the first full day of school for the 76th year in its history on September 8 this year. The grades nursery through 8 school welcomed a new principal as well, Mrs. Christina Teisch, who has been a Catholic school principal for 22 years. First order of the day was a student body Mass […]

Board meeting ‘addresses’ house numbers, required by state code

At the Village Board meeting on September 10, Mayor Nicholas Episcopia raised a question about street numbers not being visible in Garden City neighborhoods, at times for several houses in a row. “I think it is a safety issue in addition to just making it easier for people to locate the address they are looking for. I would like to […]

School superintendent outlines goals for year

Superintendent of Schools Dr. Robert Feirsen presented the district goals for Garden City Public Schools on Wednesday, September 9 at the board’s first work session of the year. Goals have been strategically formed based on what has already taken shape in the schools, what lies ahead with curricula and demographic needs, and what the student population and their families have […]

Public hearing set for Oct. 1 to help Meadow St. parking

William Keegan of Second Street in Garden City came to the Village Board meeting on Thursday, September 10, after he noticed the traffic commission’s attention to Meadow Street and the parking problems residents there have faced since the expansion of car dealerships and service centers in the area. Residents of the area have complained to that the parking on their […]


The Guide to Garden City

We are beginning work on our annual Guide to Garden City, which will be published on October 23rd. The Guide has become a major project for us each year as we strive to compile a resource of information including listings of public officials, community organizations, businesses and other useful materials. We are also building a calendar of events for all […]

Ominous look

To the Editor: I am writing in regard to your article in your September 4th issue, “New Exterior Lights at St. Paul’s.” A while ago while driving past St. Paul’s with some out of town friends, they were surprised to see such a run down, depressing looking building in the center of the beautiful town of Garden City. Now with […]


To the Editor Controversy. If you live in Garden City you’re no stranger to it. There’s the perennial fight over St. Paul’s and the way we keep it propped up like the Queen mum. There’s the disdain with which GC residents regard Roosevelt Field and its ersatz “Garden City” address, those dirty tax dodges. There’s the recent rhubarb over the […]


To the Editor: Congresswoman Kathleen Rice states that she is always proud to stand with Planned Parenthood (PP)! She should feel betrayed and disgraced to stand with PP in light of the undercover videos which have revealed the inhumane behavior and actions of PP “doctors” and staff, and their cohorts in harvesting and selling baby body parts from abortions done […]

Mother – daughter dance honors GC mom’s memory

A Mother – Daughter Dance will be held on Monday, November 2nd in honor of Garden City resident Rose Curth who passed away from glioblastoma. It will be a fun-filled evening of music and dancing, a delicious four course-meal, shopping, awesome raffles and silent auctions, goody bags, and give-aways as attendees honor Rose who was a wonderful wife, mother, and […]

Cell phones for soldiers

Garden City Police Commissioner, Kenneth Jackson, announces that the Department had just recently delivered more than 86 cell phones plus additional accessories to the “Cell Phones For Soldiers Program.” These cell phones were generously donated by village residents and civic groups. Under the “Cell Phones For Soldiers Program” donated cell phones are recycled and proceeds are then used to provide […]