Quilters Bring a “Touch of Comfort” To Winthrop’s Young Patients

CSSP Project “Unrealistic & Flawed,” Says Report

A report issued by the forensic architectural firm Erwin & Bielinski PLLC concludes that the proposal submitted last year by The Committee to Save St. Paul’s and The Garden City Historical Society for the Main Building at St. Paul’s is “unrealistic and flawed,” and goes on to say that there are “significant, perhaps insurmountable financial, administrative and technical problems with […]

Board Reduces Executive Staff Comp Packages

The Garden City Board of Trustees unanimously approved changes to the executive staff’s compensation package that will take effect on January 1. The package revisions were proposed by the Board’s Committee on Executive Compensation and Succession, which is comprised of Trustee Brian C. Daughney as chairman and Deputy Mayor John J. Watras and Trustee Dennis C. Donnelly. The committee met […]

Library Under Special Scrutiny?

Does the Garden City Board of Trustees place the Garden City Public Library under greater scrutiny? This is the broader question raised after Garden City resident and part-time library monitor Steven Ilardi expressed his disappointment that some members of the Garden City Board of Trustees were angered by the library board’s actions in the days immediately following Hurricane Sandy. “I […]

A Word From The Publisher

This week’s issue has quite a bit of “hard news” from the Village and School District, as both boards held interesting meetings this week. The new report on the proposal to save St. Paul’s will likely be of great interest to both sides of this protracted debate, and we expect to see quite a few letters about it in coming […]

Most Meaningful Day

To the Editor: On Thanksgiving Day I went into cardiac arrest/ventricular fibrillation at the 3.5- mile point of the Garden City Turkey Trot. I want to thank the following people who saved my life by immediately coming to my assistance: Gerard Smith, Dr. Chris Lawson, Dr. Dan Murphy, Martha Leoce RN, and the members of the Mineola Volunteer Ambulance Corps […]

Green Is Good

To the Editor: From a neglected and trashfilled storm water basin, our community nature preserve is now flourishing but badly needs your membership dues to move forward. Won’t you please consider joining the Tanners Pond Environmental Center (incorporating the Garden City Bird Sanctuary) with a year-end, tax deductible contribution of $35? All we require to sustain this beautiful green space […]

Dedicated Professionals

To the Editor: I am an educator and feel a need to respond to a recent letter. It has taken me a few weeks to gather my thoughts about the way in which to do so. How ignorant of Mr. DiPippo to suggest that educational professionals should cut down trees and help clean up debris after Hurricane Sandy. This is […]

Liberal Juggernaut

To the Editor: Now that Caesar Augustus Obama has retained his monarchy, the liberal juggernaut proceeds unabated as the thought-police and miscreants on the left continue their assaults on traditional American values and constitutional liberties. And so we have the cries by some on the left calling on the GCNEWS to stop publishing letters from fellow members of our community. […]

Thank You

To The Editor: I would like to thank the 15 member nominating committee from the Eastern section of the village for their unanimous support in designating me as their candidate for village trustee. I look forward to being the nominee of the E.P.O.A. during the upcoming election cycle. It is a great privilege to serve the residents of Garden City […]