Clean-Up Continues After Hurricane Sandy

Garden City residents and Village employees continued this week to assess and repair the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy as the area was hit by another strong storm on Wednesday. The hurricane caused much devastation throughout the region when it made landfall almost two weeks ago. Village executive staff and employees have worked every day since the October 29th hurricane. […]

Off Duty NYC Firefighter Saves Neighbor During Hurricane

An off-duty New York City firefighter, who is a resident of Garden City, is credited with saving a neighbor after a fire started in their Kenwood Road home on October 29th, duringHurricane Sandy. Fire Captain Frank Leto, and his son, Matthew, a Garden City High School senior, heard a loud boom and saw that a nearby home was on fire. […]

A Message From Mayor Donald T. Brudie

Hurricane Devastation

I do not have to tell you that we experienced a devastating hurricane that crippled Nassau County. As of this writing, a number of residents including myself and my family, are still without power and heat. The Long Island Power Authority (LIPA), over whom we have no control, is solely responsible for our electric service. However, knowing that LIPA cannot […]

A Word From The Publisher

As we write this approximately a quarter of Garden City households are still without power, over a week after Superstorm Samdy came to town. If you are reading this paper by the light of a camping lantern, please know that our hearts are with you. A lot has been said by the governor and others about LIPA’s response to the […]

Library Should Stay Open Late

To the Editor: The library should announce right now that they will be open every day until 9 pm until all families in garden city have power. This “improving situation” means that some residents have power and heat while thousands do not. It is families with children that need the library the most is the evening. We can tough it […]

Simple Joys

To the Editor: I was saddened to read the story of a “Resident Peeved by Pumpkin Patch” on the front cover of this past week’s Garden City News. In her respectfully written letter to the Board of Trustees, the aforementioned resident called into question the charitable legitimacy of the UUCCN Pumpkin Patch fundraiser and expressed concerns over traffic and parking. […]

Rude Awakening

To the Editor: Hurricane Sandy was a once in a lifetime storm, but it is also a rude awakening that we are understaffed. Because of egregious pension and healthcare benefits, our state and local governments (including the LIRR) do not have sufficient people or equipment to fix or maintain our assets. Over 30% of our property tax dollars now go […]

Donations Needed

To the Editor: On Thursday, November 22nd, Thanksgiving Day, we will be preparing and delivering hot meals to homebound senior citizens, coordinating this program from our home. Last year we provided over 300 meals and we expect to be doing the same this year. We are in need of donations of desserts, individual non-carbonated beverages, mini loaves of bread or […]

A Million Dollars In Overtime

To the Editor: I applaud our village trustees for voting unanimously to reduce the staffing level at the fire department from six to five paid firefighters (Garden City News, October 26, 2012.) In addition to the five firefighters, one lieutenant will continue to serve in this staffing pattern known as “Code 4.” According to Trustee Andrew Cavanaugh and Fire Chief […]

Good Grief!!

To The Editor: What is more harmless than a local Church holding a fundraiser at harvest time? The once a year “Pumpkin Patch” is a long time Garden City tradition that reminds everyone that Halloween and Thanksgiving are coming. Seeing excited children and their happy parents help unload a truck full of fresh lump pumpkins from a Navajo reservation in […]