Tanners Pond Environmental Center “Weed & Feed” Blast

Like to help? Like to garden? Like free food & drinks? Community- minded folks are invited to the Tanners Pond Environmental Center (Garden City Bird Sanctuary & Alvey Arboretum) opposite 181 Tanners Pond Road on Saturday, July 21st starting at noon. Join friends, neighbors and supporters in a weed blast- water & prune shrubs, paint nest boxes, and get ready […]

Working Together To Solve Litter Problem

The Village of Garden City and the Garden City Chamber of Commerce’s Merchants, Professionals and Retailers Group are coordinating efforts to gently remind Seventh Street business owners of ways to help alleviate what some residents claim is a problem of increased litter on sidewalks and parking lots in the business district. A letter from the Village is expected to be […]

EPOA Hosts Review Of Roosevelt Field Traffic Study

The Eastern Property Owners’ Association is hosting a review of the new Roosevelt Field Traffic Study that was recently submitted to the Town of Hempstead. All residents of Garden City are invited to attend, ask questions and offer input. Tom Schneider, executive vice president for development of Simon Property Group, Inc., will discuss the traffic study at a meeting on […]

Airplane Noise Abatement Committee Meets

There will be a meeting of the Town- Village Noise Abatement Committee (TVASNAC) on Monday, July 23 at 7:30 PM at the Lawrence Village Hall, 196 Central Avenue, Lawrence, New York. Attendees can address their concerns over low-flying planes.

A Word From The Publisher

Almost every week we see reports of thefts from unlocked vehicles and we often urge our readers to keep their cars locked up. Looks like we should follow our own advice better, though. Last weekend, while on a trip to Lancaster, PA, we returned to our car to find that someone had ransacked it. Fortunately we only lost an old […]

Community Agreement Is Broken

To the Editor: We have had two votes to keep St. Paul’s School, but the Board of Trustees, past and present, still do nothing with the deteriorating condition of the building. Why can’t they at least let the Committee To Save St. Pauls proceed with their plan? Just some roof repairs would slow the demolition through inaction that the Board […]

Thank You

To the Editor: I am writing to express our appreciation to the Garden City Police Department for their speedy response and professionalism. They responded to an attempted burglary which occurred around 8 pm, when my wife was home alone. When my wife heard the den window smashed she called 911 and the dispatcher remained on the phone with her until […]

SEPTA Announces New Board

To the Editor: The Garden City Special Education Parent Teacher Association “SEPTA” is proud to announce its new Executive Board for the 2012-13 school year. The 2012 Board positions are as follows: President: Gina Fornasar (gforn@optonline.net) Co-Vice Presidents: Margaret Romeo and Stella Cristoforo Treasurer: Chris Ryan Secretary: Joanne Agrippina Faculty Liason: Irene McCoy Advisor: MaryLou Keating As the new Board […]

Kids Rescue Litter Of White Kittens At Hemlock Park

While playing hide and seek at Hemlock Park, Sarah Killcommons and Olivia Escoffery noticed a tiny white kitten in a tree. The kitten, only a couple of months old, appeared to be weak and malnourished. Sarah and Olivia’s brothers, Joseph Killcommons and Connor Escoffery tried helping the girls get the kitten but he was nonresponsive. At which point the kids […]

Volunteers Sought For Breast Cancer Program

If you’ve had breast cancer and want to pay it forward become a hotline volunteer. Women and men who are breast cancer survivors and others who are concerned about breast health issues can become volunteers at the Adelphi NY Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program in Garden City. Volunteers can help by doing fundraising and publicity, as well as […]