The View From Here . . .

Fifteen years ago this week, on April 19, 1995, our nation was wracked by the tragic bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City by right wing extremists. 168 people lost their lives that day and 600 were wounded. Until the 9/11 bombings, this was the worst terrorist attack on American soil. Unfortunately, the very real physical wounds caused by […]

Pre-K Girls Player of the week

Team 1 Natalie Sirico Gianna Bommarito Christie Trabold Team 2 Pinky Dinky Doo’s Caroline McShane Brenna Mendolia Emma Kate Noonan Team 3 Olivia Marciano Melina Brivio Team 4 – The Green Butterflies Stephanie Russo Nicole Russo Theodora Scalise Team 5 Purple Popsicles Isabel O’Connor Julia Sutherland Ella Newmark Team 6 Madelyn Maldando Team 7 Grace Sapuppo Team 8 Irene Makrinos […]

Boys Pre-K Soccer Week 2

Vultures Patrick Sullivan Matthew Tusiani-eng Sharks Matthew Mehling Evan Baschnagel Dinosaurs Dylan Pughe Fionn Mulrooney Owen Holtzman Crocs Finn Andersen Owen Haggarty Gators Christopher Roukis Thomas Santos Timothy Voelker Lions Matthew Busch Matteo Bommarito Vipers Sean Irwin Lucas Sanita Panthers James Paisley James Castoro Sting Rays Cristopher Deluca John Deluca Cobras Antoni Vlogianitis Kevin Roberti Bengals Michael Dengler Charlie Graser […]

Kindergarten Boys MVPs Team #1 – Red Rockets

Ryan Maher Christopher O’Keefe Ryan O’Leary Team #2 – Patriots Jack Brita Gregory Curley Harrison Debler Team #3 – Steelers Finbar Mackay Aiden Wu Marco Russo Team #4 – Redskins Ethan Melgar Jack McGowan Angus Munro Team #5 – Chargers Tanner Schmitt Bradley Bostrom Houston Kufs Team #6 – Green Slime Andrew Holtzman Ryan Glenn Tyler Glenn Team #7 – […]

Kindergarten Girls Soccer Team 1 – Blue Dolphins

Nicole Morales Amanda Grimes Audrey Lau Team 2 – The Bluebird Lollipops Maya Batra Lauren Davidson Renee Golllisz Team 3 – The Ladybugs Kimberly Villoni Kaila Heingartner Madison Smith Team 4 – The Flying Green Flys Sophia Makrinos Shannon Butler Kaitlin Fuoco Team 5 -The Pink Panthers Team 6 – The Blue Dolphins Catherine O’Brien Julia Brown Team 7 – […]

1st Grade Girls Players Of The Week

Team 1 – Red Roses Christina Mackey Katherine Berkery Team 2 – Orange Sherbert Julia McCarthy Julienne King Team 3 – Yellow Bumblebees Riley Degearo Sarah Kilcommons Team 4 – Blue Sharks Sophie Read Laine Aries Elle Jewell Team 5 – The Entire Team Team 6 – Pink Piggies Sophia Campbell Mia Curtin Alexa Dolmanian Team 7 – Girls /stars […]

1st Grade Boys Players of the Week – 4/17

USA Ryan Curry Jake Watson Patrick Gaven England Erik Tiedemann Matt Mohen Daniel Sekas Germany Jack Greene Tyler Bedard Andrew Schneider France Ian Paisley Timothy Molgano Liam Rooney Brazil James Winter Joseph Pedone Dermot Sullivan Greece Connor Eschmann Brendan Burke Matthew Ardito Italy Chris Coyle Brendan Irwin Declan Allen Spain Matthew Durnan Blaise Takvor Robert Treanor Netherlands The Entire Team […]

Boys 2nd Grade Players of the Week- April 17

BRAZIL – Danny Lynch, James McQuaid, Ryan Michael ARGENTINA – James Connolly, Vladimir Wooten, Jack Palmer FRANCE – James Adams, Shane Ross, Joseph Pieraccini SPAIN – Connor Holfester, Adam Baksh, James Jorge PORTUGAL – Matt Spirakis, Dylan Fu, Christian Sullivan ENGLAND – William Wieland, Chris Catalano, Tom Aneser HOLLAND – Christian Ottomanelli, Jack Thompson, Jacob Newmark UNITED STATES – Joseph […]

Division V Girls Scores for Saturday April 17th:

Brazil vs Italy 4 – 2 Germany vs Spain 3 – 2 Norway vs USA 1 – 1 Ireland vs Iceland 0 – 2

GC Bulldogs Take A Bite Out of Hewlett

The Bulldogs got back on track this past weekend with a great effort against a good Hewlett team. Connolly and McDonald were great in goal and the defense of Norton, Rode, Walsh, Spirakis, Kavan played physical and intimidated the Hewlett attack ALL DAY LONG. The midfielders of Wuchte, Gallagher, Brennan, Wieland, Griffin, Joyce, McDonagh kept the game flowing smoothly with […]