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GC’s Elementary String Ensemble wins gold

Garden City’s Elementary String Ensemble Garden City’s Elementary String Ensemble Congratulations to Garden City’s Elementary String Ensemble for capturing a Gold rating at this year’s New York State School Music Association (NYSSMA) Majors Festival held at Hofstra University on May 22nd. The Elementary String Ensemble consists of twenty-eight fifth grade string players from Stewart School and Stratford Avenue School. “Starting last September, these students came to school early in the morning twice a week to work on music that was both challenging and demanding,” explained teacher Andrew Albani (standing far left). “Rehearsals involved meticulously combing through every measure of each composition and paying attention to even the smallest of details to bring the music to life.”

“I’ve always known what a tremendously artistic group of students I have in the Elementary String Ensemble. It’s wonderful to have their talent acknowledged publically by NYSSMA with a gold rating. I’m so proud of what they have accomplished this year and am inspired at every rehearsal by their dedication and commitment to music.”

In New York State, an organization known as NYSSMA categorizes music at different difficulty levels for both solo and ensemble (Majors) performances. NYSSMA Majors Festivals are held each year throughout the state and schools ranging from elementary to high school go to perform for specially trained music adjudicators. These adjudicators carefully listen to each performing group and then provide them with both comments and an overall score.

This year, thanks to the students’ hard work and dedication, the Elementary String Ensemble repertoire met the level one requirements to participate in the NYSSMA Majors Festival. The pieces performed were Asobu (Keiko Yamada), Fiddles on Fire (Mark Williams), and Burst (Brian Balmages). After performing these selections, the Elementary String Ensemble was awarded with a Gold rating and received inspirational comments from each judge.

“Congratulations! Well done!” said Stratford Principal Eileen Vota. “They had a great leader at the helm guiding them!”

In addition to performing at the NYSSMA Majors Festival, the Elementary String Ensemble performed their own special concert at Garden City High School during the Budget Vote on May 16th to an enthusiastic audience consisting of parents, relatives, and friends.

Garnering the Gold rating were: Evan Breen, Alexandra Burke, Olivia Burke, Jacqueline Caruthers, Leo Cocuzza, Stephen Cowie, Sam DeAlbuquerque, David Digan, Olivia Donohue, Katherine Escher, EvelynPaige Feron, Maria Gaztanaga, David Hernandez-Arroyo, Maria Hlavaty, Ryan Lane, Erin Lloyd, Jacqueline Maichin, Tara Murphy, Griffin Noumair, Rebecca Phinney, John Rynn, Rose Schreier, Isabella Scianablo, Sophia Sethi, Vikramjeet Sohal, Madeline Van Dyke, Ava Venezia, and Alexandra Walsh.

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