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What’s wrong with the meters?

To the Editor:

I just read your article regarding the lack of service, sympathy and common decency on the part of the Garden City water department. I am seeking your help.

Last December we received a bill for approximately $1200.00, 6 times our normal water bill! We called the department only to get one of the rudest women I’ve ever encountered. We explained our plight and she said “it’s your sprinklers, you have a leak”. We have no leak and the interesting thing was that a new meter was installed in June of that year. Our first reading after the installation, was negative (proving to me it did not work) and her response was “ consider it a free-bee, you now owe us!”

We asked to speak with Mr. Suozzi and he said “ we’ve had several issues with the meters, don’t pay it and don’t worry about it”. After several follow up phone calls, they finally sent someone out to check the meter. They sent two people out, one “technician”, quite honestly had no clue as to what he was doing, the other said, “no leaks, everything is normal”. We then called the office and Miss Pleasant said “see , you must’ve had a leak!”.

The billing period in question was for Sept-Nov and my sprinklers were turned off in early October! When we got the initial bill, the first thing we did was check all plumbing (including sprinklers) for leaks and found nothing!

After several more attempts to reach Mr. Suozzi, we got no response, only the bill with additional late fees and interest. Now it is on our taxes!

We are two adult professionals, with no children and a modest home and property. We both work, and nobody is home all day. We spend many weekends away, so it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to accrue such a bill.

I have been a lifelong resident of this town, and I pay my share of taxes. Including school taxes even though I did not attend Garden City schools nor do I have any children that do. GC makes money on me. To be extorted in this manner is borderline criminal.

Please help!

William G O’Neill and Mary O’Neill

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the meters were all a scam.

the meters were all a scam. they replaced mine and in the process broke a pipe( small leak drip) and told me " that it is my responsibility to have the pipe fixed. I would have to hire a plumber to fix the pipe they broke. My simple response was " the pipe was not broken before you replaced the meter " SO you will fix it - and they fixed the pipe. Other people in town said the same thing happened with the broken pipe. Yes some of the pipes are a 100 yrs old so if you put a new device on it may or not break , but they should have not tried to play shady on that one.

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