2017-09-08 / Letters

Overdose Awareness

To the Editor:

This past August 31 my husband Art and I attended the FED UP! rally in Washington D.C., as we have done since it began in 2013. The rally is to help our nation become aware of the opioid epidemic in our wonderful country. August 31 is International Overdose Awareness Day. As you may not know, purple is the color to raise awareness and support recovery.

After the rally, we drove to the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We were delighted to see within large and small towns, purple street lights and banners the county had placed throughout the area. The banners stated: prescription painkillers are basically synthetic heroin, instructions to empty your old meds into the sheriff’s office drop box, to stand up against substance abuse and other pertinent information. We saw purple lights and purple items in store and restaurant windows. Many homes had purple lights at their front doors. It was a unified effort to raise awareness.

In February 2011, we lost our only child Matthew to this killing disease. Anyone who knew Matt would describe him as a caring and loving person. Matt was always there for anyone in need and adored his family. We know he would have done anything for us if it were possible for him. The worst happened and our beautiful son lost his battle.

Many of you might not know how many of our Garden City children were lost to this disease or struggle today. You would be horrified and saddened. Why don’t we be proactive and unite by displaying a purple light in store and home windows throughout every September to honor our community’s children who were lost?

I pray some day we will not have to display these purple lights.

Denise Murr, Matt’s Mom

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