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Back to school, short on sleep

This week Garden City’s public school children started another chapter in their educational journey. We wish them well as they grow and flourish and congratulate their parents for having survived another long summer.

For us, the new school year was always a mix of excitement and feeling like the party was over and it was time to get back to work. While we hated the early morning alarm clock call, having a structured week felt like we were actually progressing. The deadlines and commitments that come along with being a student (and parent) are double-edged. On one hand it’s tough juggling the work and responsibilities, but on the other the stress can get quite overwhelming.

In particular, high school juniors and seniors can get caught up in a grind of having a lot of advanced classes and activities, with their huge homework loads, while at the same time being expected to be awake and alert for classes that start at the crack of dawn. In some cases, students get only a few hours of sleep every single night, which is terrible for their health, and doesn’t promote learning.

We look forward to hearing more this year about the proposal to change the start time at Garden City High School. While there are several considerations that must be addressed regarding bus schedules, it will mean a great deal to the high school students who are chronically short on sleep.

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