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St. Paul’s School village debacle

To the Editor:

How long must this cancer in our village divide us?

Half the population wants to maintain this crumbling edifice for God’s knows what, but you can count on it being economically unfeasible; even “if we think outside the box.”

Pragmatists accept the inevitable physical and economic collapse of the structure in time. There is no steel or iron supporting this building, only wood and stone; both subject to the elements.

Years ago, I wrote in the GC News asking the GC Historical Society to provide any evidence of historical significance that occurred at St. Paul’s either by an individual or at the facility. NEVER received an answer, because there is none!

How it got on the National Register of “HISTORIC” Places is a mystery? Age?

Years ago, I also wrote in the GC News suggesting sale of the GC Pool to Adelphi University. They already lease the parking lot for more time than we use the pools. Has the Village ever contacted Adelphi to see if there might be any interest? Keep thinking out of the box.

First, this would allow Adelphi to expand near their existing campus and we would be helping a good neighbor. (Note: I am an Adjunct Professor at Adelphi, but I suggested this long before accepting a position there.)

Second, the funds would allow us to develop a truly unifying GC COMMUNITY Center in the Village geographic center. We could incorporate the stain glass and tiles into the new facility and name it for St. Paul, in homage.

I envisioned a year-round indoor/ outdoor pool allowing the GC residents to swim year-round, not 2 ½ months. It would also allow our champion swim/ diving teams to train in and compete in a facility worthy of the community they represent! Hempstead High has a pool and we don’t? We also can employ these swimmers as lifeguards.

A state of the art community theatre for use by the schools, village or outside groups to generate revenue. Dance, Meditation or Self Defense studios for use by village or outside groups to generate revenue. Smaller, expandable, meeting facilities for use, as needed, to generate revenues for the center. Wow. The BOX keeps getting bigger. Additional suggestions welcome.

Garden City is still a young vibrant community, constantly turning over, which needs to address the needs of the present and future residents. We must, of course, honor our past; but we must also serve those here now and in the future. I believe a GC Community Center, we all agree on, will help the Village build to the future and leave a lasting legacy that we, and future residents, could all be proud of!

Thomas P. Brosnan

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