2017-08-11 / Letters

Seniors need transportation

To the Editor:

I have been pleading with the Board of Trustees for two years to offer us seniors some kind of transportation: weekly for grocery shopping (in Garden City Village, of course) and a ride to the pool and library. I have gotten at least 500 signatures during this time.

If we lived in Mineola, New Hyde Park, Floral Park, Port Washington, etc we seniors would have that needed support. The best that the Trustees have come up with is $6 plus a 20% tip from All Island taxi, which has an absolute monopoly in Garden City. The other surrounding towns charge about $2 to $3. Now to get to the pool three miles away from my home costs $14 round trip. I recently turned in another 300 signatures - I go to the pool and senor center for support. Most, about 80%, are very supportive. The usual response: I have a mother - or I am going to be old someday and will need the service, etc.

Patricia Donnelly

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