2017-08-11 / Community


School district moving along

As the summer moves along, the Garden City Public Schools, while not in session, are preparing for the next school year. We'd like to welcome the two new assistant principals for Stewart and Stratford Schools, Michelle Bell (Stewart) and Christopher Hartigan (Stratford) as well as the new Interim Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Alan Groveman.

In addition to filling open positions, the Board of Education is also moving ahead on a variety of upgrades to the buildings and grounds of the school district, and those projects seem to be on track. Summer is always a busy time for construction in school districts, while the children are out of the buildings.

The one area where we're not in complete agreement with the Board of Education is the decision to hold open the vacant seat on the board. While they board is within its rights to make that decision, it seems to us that having a fifth person could only be beneficial as it adds yet another perspective to all decisions.

At a time when the Board is picking a new superintendent, the more different points of view, the better. We think it would be better to appoint a fifth person to fill the seat until the election.

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