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Mathematics teacher named Flipped Classroom Master Teacher

Garden City High School Mathematics teacher Peter Santoro with his class Garden City High School Mathematics teacher Peter Santoro with his class Congratulations to Garden City High School Mathematics teacher, Peter Santoro, upon being named as one of 18 international Master Teachers by Flipped Classroom Global Initiative’s Master Teacher program. The teachers, the “inaugural cohort of FLGI Flipped Master Teachers,” and his/ her bio information have been posted online: http://flglobal.org/master-teachers/ to be used as a resource for others who want to add flipped teaching to their practice. Mr. Santoro, pictured above during the review of a flipped classroom lesson, has been teaching in the Garden City School District since 2007.

The website states: “Flipped Learning Master Teachers are effectively bridging the gap between research and practice. These extraordinary educators are well positioned to help validate the research and identify new areas for exploration. They serve as advisors, models and trainers for the work being done at FLGI. We are also counting on them to: share proven best practices in flipped learning, and participate in a shared community of teachers as master flippers.”

The flipped classroom model is based on students learning new material through online lessons posted by the flipped classroom teacher for his/her students to be reviewed outside of class on a personal device (home computer, laptop, smart phone; basically any device that can be WiFi or Internet connected). The flipped approach to teaching frees up valuable classroom time for homework review and addressing specific student questions and problems. The lessons are typically short videos and/or slide shows explaining the material, and can include all manner of resource materials to support the ideas at the teacher’s discretion. Because students can pause the video, “rewind,” and review the presentation as many times as needed to comprehend the work, the flipped classroom can be a highly effective tool for both students and teachers.

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